ReadyTV garners support from Local Merchants to reach 800000 subscribers

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we are humbled by it. We aim to deliver on what we have promised. We’ll not only be focusing on products but also exceptional services. I assure you that we have worked and will continue to work tirelessly to provide the best for all our customers. Our reliable products and outstanding service will give our customers confidence to accept this new change”

Marlon Carr, Distribution and Sales Manager at ReadyTV

The week of Sunday June 11th 2017 marks the first official week since ReadyTV, Jamaica’s first subscription based television service provider opened its doors to the public.

On Wednesday May 24th, the company began selling digital boxes, packages and ReadyCredit. Presently, over fifteen locations are supplying ReadyTV credit as well as the cable boxes. These locations include:

  • Supermed Family of Pharmacies
  • Rapid True Value
  • Portmore Mall Pharmacy
  • Joong Supermarket (Portmore)
  • 1968 Merchants

ReadyTV has come at a time where customers are in search of more convenient, better quality and cheaper cable options as explained in ReadyTV’s prepaid cable TV comes with 10 free digital TV channels.  Their locations are as listed below.

Supermed Family of Pharmacies
Hughenden Pharmacy (Molynes Rd) 111A Molynes Rd. Kgn 20
Constant Spring (Supermed Pharmacy Mall Plaza) Shop 19 & 20. Mall Plaza. Constant Spring Rd
New Kingston (The New Knutsford Pharmacy) Shop 2, 28 Barbados Ave. Kgn 5
Linstead (Supermed Pharmacy) Linstead
The New Papine Pharmacy 5 Chandos Place. Papine. Kgn 6.
Rapid True Value
Lane Plaza (Constant Spring) 26 Constant Spring Rd. Kgn 10
Portmore Lot 2 Port Henderson Rd. Portmore.
Manor Park Manor Park Plaza. Kgn 8
Sovereign Shop 2 Sovereign Centre. Kgn 6
Crossroads 71 Slipe Rd. Kgn 5
Portmore Mall Pharmacy Shop 2A. Portmore Shopping Centre
Joong Supermarket (Portmore) Newlands Rd. Bridgeport Portmore
1968 Merchants 54 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 5.
  37 1/2 Giltress Street, Kingston  2.
  39 East Queen Street , Kingston cso


Popular household giant Unicomer is expected to come on stream shortly under the brands Courts and Lucky Dollar.

ReadyTV – Challenging the status quo with Prepaid HD Digital Terrestrial Television Service

ReadyTV prides itself on being the first Jamaican owned and operated cable facility, built completely by Jamaicans from the ground up, challenging the traditional Media landscape as noted in ReadyTv launch challenges CVMTV, Television Jamaica to go DTT by 2018.

In this first stage, ReadyTV hopes to tap into 800,000 homes that are currently without cable in the following areas:

  • Kingston
  • St Andrew
  • St Catherine
  • Clarendon
  • St Mary

ReadyTV expects to expand further into other parishes by year end, powered by its simple setup as explained by Distribution and Sales Manager at ReadyTV, Marlon Carr, quote: “In ensuring that all our customers are able to access the ReadyTV boxes and credit, we have partnered with merchants in key, easy to access locations. As we place great emphasis on convenience, our merchants can be reached in Downtown Kingston, Half Way Tree, Manor Park, Portmore and  Linstead. The instructions and set up are very simple we encourage customers to properly read through the manual. Pick it up, hook it up and top it up, it’s really that easy”.

So are you Ready for ReadyTV? Then contact them as shown below:

Juven Montague-Anderson

Marketing Manager

Telephone : 549-6017


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