ReadyTv launch challenges CVMTV, Television Jamaica to go DTT by 2018

ReadyTv officially launches today and plans to make a big splash in the Cable TV business. in so doing, they’ve brought us on par with Latin America, Europe and the United States that already utilise a DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) Network.

Customers can now get high-definition TV via the use of an antenna and ReadyTv box, installed via an approved technician and eliminating the need to run cables. ReadyTV plans to sell rechargeable credit via Facey Telecom but may also  have one broadcast tower at Coopers Hill in St Andrew that services customers in the following areas:

  • Kingston and St Andrew
  • St Catherine
  • Clarendon
  • St Mary

Having relocated their head office in Palm Plaza, Portmore, St Catherine as noted in  ReadyTV based in Portmore, launching March 2017 with GK MPay Support  they missed their March 2017 launch by at least 2 months.

So what can we expect from ReadyTV?

ReadyTV finally launches – Big thing has small beginnings

Still, good thing come to those who wait, as Portmore, home to 80% of their staff and the majority of their customers, are set to get an alternative to FLOW, DigiPlay and pretty much the rest of the cable industry.

Their broadcast tower, commissioned with the help of Mayberry Investments Ltd, who raised funds to get their business going as detailed in Digital Interactive Services READY TV Revolution is Cable TV for all Jamaicans, is the the perfect starting point for their grand ambitions.

Chief Executive Officer and President of Digital Interactive Services Limited (DISL) Christopher Dehring has some very lofty aims for ReadyTV:

  • At least 18 towers across the island.
  • List on a stock exchange in the future
  • Reach some 500,000 Jamaican households who do not have access to cable
  • Expand to other Caribbean countries, including Haiti and Trinidad and Tobago

So what does the future hold? And will this affect free-to-air broadcasters such as CVM TV and Television Jamaica?

ReadyTV and DTT in Jamaica – CVM TV and Television Jamaica to go DTT by 2018

They’ve also joined services with CryptoGuard to encrypt data across their Network as noted in ReadyTV selects CryptoGuard heralding Wireless Broadband Streaming TV future suggesting that they may soon launch LTE (Long Term Evolution) to enable Streaming to Mobile devices and Smart TVs.

So with these plans in the pipeline, ReadyTv will give Jamaicans the opportunity to experience a cable television wirelessly affordably and without the need for expensive cables.

They’ll also shake up the local broadcasters CVM TV and RJR Communications, owners of Television Jamaica to make a shift towards DTT as I’d predicted in The Future of Free-to-Air Broadcasters in Jamaica as Digital Switch Over Approaches in 2015.  

This may mark the start for the race towards establishing DTT Networks in Jamaica!

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