How Information Technology powers ReadyTV’s Wireless Pay-Per-View HDTV

“As an IT Technician I have to install and configure multiple cable TV head-end equipments, monitor and analyze the quality and performance of our TV network as well as maintain and support IT infrastructure here at ReadyTV”

IT/IP Technician ReadyTV, Andre-Marc Peart, explain his role at ReadyTV

Jamaica’s first digital subscription television service provider, Ready TV, is charting full speed ahead to launch soon. At the very heart of its operations, is highly sophisticated technology that will allow Jamaicans to wirelessly acquire content through a digital box.

We finally got a chance to have a talk with IT Technician Andre Marc Peart, to get the low down on what it is like to propel Jamaica into the digital age by using revolutionary approaches at this company.

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Ready TV Team
L-R:  Tech team – Dessi Yetman – Technology Operations Manager; Kurt Griffiths – Head-end Technician; Andre-Marc Peart – IP & IT Technician; Conrod Hanson – Consultant
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ReadyTV’s technical team (from left): Dessi Yetman, Kurt Griffiths, Andre-Marc Peart, Conrod Hanson.

He clearly loves his job, as despite the long hours there are no Monday blues, quote: “Being an IT Technician is no easy task, there are times when I’m working 18 hour shifts back to back to ensure that everything is going on track, my phone is never off as I always need to be reachable, but that’s not an issue for me, I love what I do so there are no ‘Mondays’ for me”.

IT Technician Andre Marc Peart – ReadyTV motivates and stimulates his potential

ReadyTV began its journey some three years ago in a dream by Jamaicans to connect all Jamaicans. The type of technology that ReadyTV is using is new locally and it means that we are becoming more technologically advanced.

It’s also evolved into a great place to work, as Andre-Marc Peart points out that ReadyTv, not based in Portmore as pointed out in ReadyTV based in Portmore, launching March 2017 with GK MPay Support challenges him to achieve more, quote: “The culture at Ready TV supports learning and development both on and off the job which is great and boosts our skills and competencies creating a sustainable, successful organization and that’s one of the reason why I love working here”.

But it’s his words on his motivation – the work environment – that makes you realize why he likes what he does, quote:  “If a company doesn’t challenge you to do better, go further or stimulate your potential to learn more at some point you’re just going to hit the wall with nowhere else to go or grow and that’s why I love the environment, camaraderie and the flexibility that this workplace offers”.

Well said indeed!

ReadyTV – The Wireless Cable TV Company with full HD channels

With so much competition in the cable service market, ReadyTV has entered at a time when customers seem to be looking for something more. Ready TV’s core target market are persons that the competition just simply cannot service with their distribution network or pricing structure.

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Ready TV Team
L-R:   Administrative team – Kenisha Davy – Customer Care Supervisor;  Kemisha Sterling – Administrative Assistant; Janielle Cross – Administrative Coordinator; Sheryll Gray-Chung – Administrative Manager
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ReadyTV’s administrative team (from left): Kenisha Davy, Kemisha Sterling, Janielle Cross, Sheryll Gray-Chung.

ReadyTV is being built on the pillars of convenience, quality and affordability. All that customers will be required to do is purchase a digital box at one of the ReadyTV locations, go home, hook it up, top it up and start watching a wide variety of channels. This process avoids contracts, waiting period and tardy installations.

This is also complemented by the pay-per-view model, doing away completely with the monthly subscription models to quote Andre-Marc Peart: “We only offer full HD channels that are absolutely amazing to watch. Where else can you get this superior quality at an affordable cost? The costs of our packages are not only competitive but Ready TV offers a cost effective prepaid subscription option, so you only pay when you want, there are no monthly bills to contend with”.

Ready TV will be available in outlets across Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine in its first phase rollout, including Rubis Gas Stations.


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