How a QR Code Reader can add FLOW and Digicel Credit using Mobile Money

One of my pet peeves is adding FLOW credit to my cellphone. For that the USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code is as follows:

*121*[voucher number] # and send (like duh!)

If you’re sending a voucher to a friend, don’t text it, Double 2 it as shown below:

*129*2*2#, Send and then follows the prompts (you really read this?!)

If it’s already on your phone, then you can do a ME2U as follows:

*128*[1876-Recipient’s Phone number]*[25 to 1000 dollars]#

I say “cellphone” as I’m yet to upgrade to the smartphones that FLOW is currently marketing as part of their Christmas Promotion as detailed in Flow Jamaica Christmas 2016 Promotion.


The problem? Reading those small itty-bitty numbers where the “8” sometimes look like “0” and the other numbers can look like other things. So bad was this problem that I began buying credit from Supreme Ventures only, as they print larger more clearly defined and less computer-esque looking numbers.

So aside from these USSD codes, is there an alternative way to send Voucher credit? Yes there is and yes, it requires a smartphone with a camera!

How to add Vouchers using QR Codes – Mobile Money enabled Apps to make vouchers obsolete

Actually there is and it’s pretty cool and very obvious.

If you look at the bottom left of your FLOW voucher, you have a QR code; it’s that square of black and white dots that looks like alien writing! Your Google Android and Apple iPhone smartphone can read QR code with the help of the QR Code Reader app developed by from the Google Play Store or the QR Code Reader and Scanner developed by ShopSavvy on the Apple iTunes Store.

Just download the app, read the QR code and voila, the voucher can be then added to you phone as it the QR code reader executed the above USSD codes automatically. Best of all, it allows FLOW Jamaica and Digicel – as their Voucher also use QR codes – to determine how often you top up with vouchers using this feature and how often.

It’s a potential testbed for future Voucher promotions as well as to get rid of these difficult-to-read vouchers entirely. This as the My FLOW App and My Digicel App, in the future, can be upgraded to allow people to buy Vouchers by scanning a QR code and paying using Mobile money as predicted in NCB launches Mobile Money using cellphones with ATM withdraw coming.

Bonus tip: You can use the bar code scanner apps to read QR and Barcode for product in the supermarket to know their price. More on that in another article!

Adding Voucher credit by taking a picture sounds cool, right? Sharing is caring so share this article with your friends, encouraging them to switch to FLOW Jamaica!

Here’s the link:

QR Code Reader app developed by from the Google Play Store

QR Code Reader and Scanner developed by ShopSavvy

FLOW Jamaica Quick codes

FLOW Store in Jamaica

FLOW Jamaica Website

FLOW Jamaica Twitter Feed: @FLOWJamaica

FLOW Jamaica Facebook Page

FLOW Jamaica YouTube Channel


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