Python Programming Tutorial for Beginners – Part 1 – Hello and Introduction

Hello and welcome to this python programming language basic tutorial series. Who is this tutorial series for? Absolute beginners with no or limited programming knowledge and students currently learning python but those who aren’t beginners should be able to learn a thing or two and refresh some of what they might have forgotten.

About Python

Python is one of the most popular, powerful and most importantly easy to learn programming languages. It is simple but capable of doing*

  • web and software development
  • machine learning
  • artificial intelligence
  • complicated mathematical calculations
  • data science
  • and more

Think of it as a giant robot with all kinds of bells and whistles but in this series we just want to be able to stand the robot upright and take a few steps.

Install Python and Thonny IDE

To begin the series we’ll need to install 2 things; Python and our beginner-friendly Integrated development environment or IDE; Thonny. Both can be installed on a Windows, Mac or Linux so go to and to download and install using the detailed instructions that can be found on both sites. I’ll be using a Windows PC but to my knowledge, for the most part, your platform shouldn’t matter and you should be able to follow.

Hello World

Installed both of them? Let’s check if everything is working. Type:

print(“Hello world”)

Just as it appears on the screen and click run. If you see Hello World at the bottom of the screen it means all is well. If you have any issues leave a comment below and myself or others will try to help you.

Python Programming Tutorial for Beginners

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