Productivity? There’s An App For That

The never ending debate of which of the two (or three for some) platforms is better at making your life easier. The Blackberry, the Phone, or an Android device. By all indications, one can assume that this article may take a turn for the worst, but we here at are not very fond of kicking ass and taking names (or sides depending on how you prefer look at it).

If you’re like me and haven’t a clue about being productive without an automated sidekick you don’t have to feed, then here’s are a few tips, tricks and apps that will make you look awesome while doing absolutely nothing.


DropboxYou’ve probably seen tons of reviews about Dropbox and the many ways it can be used to increase your productivity and make you look like pro. Dropbox is a cloud-computing service that grants you access to files uploaded to your account, via the applications (desktop or mobile apps). What I particularly like about Dropbox is its ease of use and makes a great tool for the office worker. For instance, sharing folders can be implemented between a specific department which makes moving files from one location to another a breeze, cutting the time it would take to compose an email an attaching the files in half! Never leave that file at home again. Everything is always right where you need it.

Keeping yourself organised will most definitely increase your productivity and by installing the Dropbox application on your iPhone, you gain access to your files right on the go. Coupling that with the document editing power of DocsToGo, you’ll have yourself a party.

Free accounts has its limitation of only 3GB, with a 250MB bonus for each member you refer to signup, but there are options for premium paid accounts as well. Dropbox and its applications are free to download so head on over to their website and sign up for your free account (If you haven’t already).


DocsToGoDocsToGo provides the most robust document editor for the iPhone. Compose Microsoft spreads, presentations and word documents any where at any time. Imagine being on the road with no access to a laptop to make those final adjustment to this weeks meeting agenda? Easily edit, save and send with DocsToGo.

DocsToGo sync’s seamlessly with many of the popular cloud-base services available on the web. Google Docs, Dropbox, SugarSync; just to name a few. There is also a desktop application which provides 2-way file synchronization for your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, pictures & other files using a Wi-Fi connection.

All this juicy goodness can’t be free now can it? DocsToGo is available in the AppStore for only USD$9.99!


SpringPadAre you familiar with RememberTheMilk? Great! No need to speak about this one then.

SpringPad is easily one of my favourite apps for productivity to date. With a some-what similar setup to RTM, SpringPad is the simplest “second brain” you’ll ever come to use. You can add tasks, notes , photo’s, categories, Barcodes (for price comparisons), Audio notes and much, much more.

The core of the application which is the task management is flawless in its ability to remind you how bad your memory is. Upon adding a new task, you’re given the options to set a due date, the category of the task, add a description, photo, note or an audio file all with the ease of stroking your cats fur. With push notifications integrated, SpringPad will never fail to reign victorious over your ever deteriorating memory cells.

The App is, of course, free of cost and only requires you signup at The process is ridiculously easy with options to use your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google accounts.

Let’s say for instance you maintain websites or blog for a living. MobileRSS is the perfect app to assist you in keeping abreast with your favourite RSS feeds in one easy to reach location, your pocket. MobileRSS Pro is one powerful RSS feed application that integrates seamlessly with your Google Reader account and posses all the features you’ve come to love with Google’s service. You can share links via Twitter or Facebook, save it for later with external services like ReadItLater, Instapaper, Delicious and Evernote, all of which require accounts as expected.

If you hate ads as much as myself, then starve yourself for a day and make the sacrifice of USD$2.99 to get the Pro version, otherwise you can always go the cheaper route and download the free version.

These applications are just a few among the vast majority available in Apples App Store and doesn’t really define how much more productive an iPhone can make you. I’ve met people with tons of apps and have never yet used them for their developed purposes. As expected, you’re all welcomed to make your own suggestions.

So tell me readers, what apps do you have installed that make your life easier?

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