Porteon heralds the coming of Free Local Shipping in 2012 – Amazon.com beckons

Since my article Oregon-based Porteon to assemble All-Electric Vehicles in Jamaica – One By One on the coming of Oregon-based Porteon and the All-Electric Vehicles at a Vehicle Fabrication plant in Viewfort,  St. Lucia and then ship them as containerized parts to Jamaica to have Jamaica’s finest Automotive Engineers and Technicians assemble All-Electric Trucks and Vehicles and possibly having us trained to repair and service them, most likely in partnership with CEO Adam Stewarts ATL (gasping for breath after such a long sentence!) people have been PESTERING me to do a follow up.

Seriously pestering me, people. Chillax, I hear you…. This was especially the plea of one nice little chickadee who works at ACS-Xerox sporting a nice charm bracelet and with a green eye for the environmentally friendly. Or maybe just money. Hmm….

After all, the inaugural Wealth Auto Show at the National Stadium put on by ATL Automotive CEO Adam Stewart and Sandals Group CEO and Chairman Gordon “Butch” Stewart on Saturday November 26th 2011AD and Sunday November 27th 2011AD attracted a lot of bigwigs. So maybe she thought I was one of them working at ACS-Xerox in disguise.

Still, I will comply, as this is not the first article I have written on the behest of a female. My first wristwatch article Apple iPod Nano vs Phosphor Reveal – Bling Bling, Playa was at the prodding of an Apple-phillic “browning” Catholic friend of mine from May Pen with a liking for things C&W. The ATL and Sandals pair of ATL Automotive CEO Adam Stewart and Sandals Group CEO and Chairman Gordon “Butch” Stewart delivered on their November 11th 2011 promise in the Jamaica Observer for an exclusive show for their ATL partners.

Most likely done to help boost car sales in anticipation of the coming improvements in the Sulphur content in diesel fuel announced by then Minister of Industry and Commerce, Karl Samuda. A drop from 5000 ppm (parts per million) to between 10ppm to 15 ppm by July 2012AD.

A coming PetroJam upgrade which would benefit all Jamaicans by next year with car trouble due to Jamaica’s bad gasoline and Diesel as well as allowing European Vehicles to be successfully imported and sold to well-to-do Jamaicans, worrying that their expensive new ATL Automotive rides (or should say “boy toys”) will cost them at the Garage.

This when Sulphur begins to clog their intake fuel filters, corrode spark plugs and “pit” the inside of their combustion chambers due to uneven combustion. So All-Electric Vehicles, due to their need for maintenance and support, may attract highly skilled Automotive Technicians to ATL Automotive, their plan already obvious from the recent ad postings in the Career Section of the Sunday Gleaner as well as the Sunday Observer dated Sunday December 18th 2011AD.

So the obvious is clear: ATL Automotive is not only going to be bringing European make vehicle that require lower levels of Diesel in the fuel, but also may be bringing the very extinction of the Combustion Engine in Jamaica with them come the same time as London Olympics 2012AD. They too, it appears, are ramping up to push Porteon’s JA$1.4 million All-Electric Vehicle product to the masses as per my article Lithium-Ion Batteries and Electric Vehicles – Alternatives as 2012 Supply Crunch Nears.

Having artists Ce’cile, Tami Chynn and Stylist Dexter Pottinger sporting Mini Cooper Countryman, the very same form factor for the new Porteon All-Electric Vehicles, strongly hints at coming news of a Media and PR (Public Relations) push to market their brand of vehicles next year in 2012AD using Artiste and Media Personalities.

Social Media Marketing as described in my article Social Media Marketing – Advertising and Marketing in Ja on a Shoe-String will most likely be a feature of these tech-centric All-Electric Vehicles so that they “can cross it” into the Minds of Jamaican already skeptical about anything Electrical on the road.

Thus with this latest post, look out for further announcements of  partnerships with Gasoline Retailers and large-scale Electrical and Alternative Energy Contractors to build Solar and Wind Powered Fast Charging Stations to support  ATL Automotive CEO Adam Stewart and Sandals Group CEO and Chairman Gordon “Butch” Stewart apparent joint vision to introduce Jamaicans to the comforts of All-Electric Vehicles.

Their most likely first customers? Aside from the professional jet-set in New Kingston and Dancehall artiste looking for a ride to make them as electrifying and cat-quiet sneaky like the “Energy God” Dancehall Artiste Elephant Man?

Shuttle Bus Companies and Mail Carriers, looking to offer Free Shipping, as the All-Electric Vehicles would be covered by (2) two-year warranties from ATL and cost only JA$3000 in electricity re-charging as per my article Oregon-based Porteon to assemble All-Electric Vehicles in Jamaica – One By One.

75 kph (47 mph) may seem to be in the slow lane, but for a Dancehall artiste or beauty Queen such as Yendi Phillips cruising into a dance to be seen, if the vehicles are stylish enough and not tacky cheap or plasticy looking (think aluminium cast bodies!!), they can really “tun’ up yu swag”!!

Throw in Solar and Wind Turbine Recharging Station partnerships with Local Gasoline Retailers and it will make ATL Automotive the next greenest company behind Digicel and their super green Building downtown and an attraction to many of the Milennials [ages 18 to 28] and Generation X’s [ages 29 to 45] looking to break with the tradition of their parents and go lean, mean and Green.

Stranger still, it may attract FDI’s (Foreign Direct Investors) to Jamaica to do Free Shipping and Deliveries (think Amazon.com people, I work on that account as a CSA!!!).

Folks, if ATL Automotive succeeds, we may thus be looking at more FDI’s such as the likes of Amazon.com and its customer-centric service motto – EMC3 – Earth’s Most Customer Centric Company –  coming to Jamaica attracted by the sudden burst in interest and applications of Alternative Energy in 2012AD that would make Free Local Shipping practical.

Especially as their current success has been due mainly to their plucky first Razor Blade strategy Tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire as noted in Amazon Kindle Fire vs the Apple iPad – The Stats Wars worth Reading About and the Jamaican support staff at ACS-Xerox at Naggo Head, Portmore and Newport West, Kingston (sorry pictures not allowed!!)

Amazon.com?? As in the company, coming to Jamaica, FC (Fulfillment Centers), Merchants and all, Celine Dion Style!?

Folks, I don’t jest and I don’t mix business and pleasure, but the All-Electric Vehicles made by Oregon-based Porteon may be able to do just that, enabling a younger generation with a ride that says “progressive” and businesses with the power to offer Free Shipping, possibly attracting the likes of Amazon.com to Jamaica.

I just hope the vehicles are Range Extender Technology and have improved handling, island-wide range as well as a top speed of at least 0 to 100 kph  (60mph) in 3 seconds with top speeds of 150 kph (93 mph) at the same decent price and we have a decent car. Fodder for yet another article to please my adoring fans…..

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