Pebble Time Steel coming in August 2015 for Busy Fitness Freaks

“Our vision, mission, goal is to make Pebble a indispensable part of your life”  

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky commenting on the Pebble time Steel at MWC 2013

The Pebble Time Steel is arriving for the lucky Kickstarters in August 2015!

The announcement was made on their Pebble Time kickstater page indicating that production of the Pebble Time Steel started Monday July 13th 2015.

Geezam - Pebble Time Steel coming in August for Busy Fitness Freaks - 15-07-2015 LHDEER

On hearing this, many may recall that Pebble had actually kickstarted the Pebble Time as noted in Pebble Time promises a smartwatch to rain on Apple Watch’s Parade and may find this “Steel” name a tad strange.

But it isn’t actually!

Pebble Time Steel – The Apple Watch Edition upgrade of the Pebble Time

The Pebble Time Steel is just the high end version of the Pebble Time, sorta like the Apple Watch Edition, but with a lower pricetag of US$300 retail. The lucky kickstarters who pre-ordered the Pebble Time Steel will get theirs for US$250.

Those backers who pre-ordered the Pebble Time will have the option to upgrade to the Pebble Time Steel, so all is not lost.

If you do, you’ll get a stainless Steel version of the Pebble Time smartwatch that’s similar to the US$249 Pebble Steel as described in US$249 Pebble Steel rocks James Bond Playboy joie de vivre on your Wrist but with their following colour options:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Black

Not much exists by way of details. But based on the word of Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky, who introduced the Pebble Time Steel at MWC (Mobile World Conference) 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, it’ll have the following features:

  • Stainless Steel body
  • Leather or Steel Straps
  • 10 Day Battery life
  • Colour epaper display
  • Water Resistant

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky points out that the Pebble Time Steel will be 20% thinner than the Pebble Time. Yet somehow, they managed to pack in GPS into this ultra-thin form factor.

This is quite a surprise, as it hints at the Pebble Steel doubling as a fitness tracker, to quote CEO Eric Migicovsky: “Imagine attaching a GPS strap when you go for a run”.

With that GPS and the possibility that the Pebble Time Steel may become a more Garmin-like fitness tracker, the battery life may realistically be more like four (4) days. He also made mention of swappable sensor straps and other accessories, which CEO Eric Migicovsky being developed by an army of third-party Wrist strap developers. 

Fitness Tracker boom for Busy Fitness Freaks – Pebble Time Steel has Apple Watch in its sights 

Sounds more like Pebble still harbors plans of beating the Apple Watch as pointed out in Pebble Time promises a smartwatch to rain on Apple Watch’s Parade.

The Pebble Time Steel certainly has a better battery life than the day-old Apple Watch and they might be able to beat the Apple Watch in terms of accessories and Apps.

But as it relates to the fitness tracker world, they have a lot of catching up to do based on the IDC Stats for the past two (2) years as noted in Analyst IDC logs Wearables Profitable in Q1 2015 Fitness Tracker Business.

If they are to come anywhere close to the sales figures of Fitbit in pole position, Xiaomi and their US$13 Mi Band fitness monitor in second place and Garmin and their range of GPS-based fitness trackers in third place, their fitness tracker has to offer a better experience and a more compelling price point.

This heralds a boom for the Fitness Tracker Industry as Fitness Freaks take to the Gym to stay in shape and keep up with their busy schedules!

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