The Rise of 3D Printed Zero-Waste Clothing

Forget costly prototypes, traditional textile manufacturing, product recalls, and the like. 3D printing is about to turn the entire retail industry on its head. A precise form of additive manufacturing, 3D printing can create a product from almost any material at mass scale, generating large quantities while individually tailoring each product to consumers. The Rise […]

CaribFlix TV and Vueture Entertainment – Rise of the Caribbean Streamers

Streaming of Jamaican and Caribbean content is now a reality in Jamaica. Two streaming platforms, CaribFlix TV and Vueture Entertainment, are aiming to make that possible. The Jamaican entrepreneurs that are making these streaming dreams reality know what they are up against. The big heavyweights in the streaming networks world are lready making inroads into […]

LIGO upgrades result in weekly detection of GW’s from Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) was taken offline in 2018 so that upgrades could be made to its instruments. Upgrades made to both LIGO and Virgo have increased the sensitivity of its instruments by about 40%. This would allow detections to take place weekly or more often. After completing the upgrades on April 1st 2019, […]

Disruptive Technology

With this series I don’t set out to be the bearer of novel solutions or brilliant ideas but just to spark conversations and thinking that could potentially lead to solutions, ideas and ways forward to potentially get these issues addressed. We have to be Progressive and Adaptive vs Conservative and Responsive. In a society where […]

Secure NIDS or else …

For the government, cybersecurity isn’t only a challenge—it’s a big obstacle to long-awaited digital transformation. Plus, the stakes are sky-high: Hacking public-sector information might imperil national security as well as citizens’ trust. Is our government up to the task? July 2015 – “The Office of Personnel Management in the US government said hackers stole “sensitive […]

Google launching Android Oreo OS during Solar Eclipse on August 21st 2017

Google is counting down to the biggest astronomical event of the century on Monday August 21st 2017: A Solar Eclipse that begins in the Western seaboard and progresses all the way across to the top of Florida as the @NASA twitter Gif shows. Got GIFs? We do! Use #Eclipse2017 to find our #Eclipse GIFs on […]