Opera Mini Browser continues to be Growing Strong as smartphone Growth marches forward

Remember the Opera Mini Browser?

That plucky Browser is the reason why many persons who had their Blackberries clung to them, as it made browsing possible on Blackberry. Now news from the Norwegian Browser maker indicates that they’re still Growing Strong like House Tyrell from Game of Thrones even in the smartphone world.

Take a gander at these graphs that indicate that their usage traffic is growing despite the proliferation of smartphones and the slow death of Blackberry. Like the BBM (Blackberry Messenger), the Opera Mini Browser has been free for a long time and has now gone cross-platform and mainstream on Google Android and Apple iPhone Free Blackberry Messenger App coming to Android and iOS:

Opera Browser stat article (2)

The stats are even more impressive when you consider the fact that the other smartphone makers already have their own Browsers built in, the stock Android Browser and Safari for Apple iOS users:

  • 88% growth from percent from 129 million to 243 million users

  • 1231% growth in transcoded pages of pages from 80 billion to 177 billion

Opera Browser stat article (1)

Granted, Opera is a third place player in the big browser game. According to the analyst StatCounter, they are a mere 16% of the market:

  • 29.1% for unbranded Android browser

  • 25.0% for Apple’s Safari Browser

  • 16% for Opera Browser

Opera Browser stat article

So clearly, albeit Opera is only 16% of the Browser market according to StatCounter, their market share hasn’t shrunk with the declining usage of Blackberries. Rather it has continued to be Growing Strong like a Golden Flower against a field of Green in the form of Browser Alternatives built into the Google Android and Apple iPhone smartphone users.

Grow Strong my rose Opera, Grow Strong!

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