On Time Taxi Service’s Android App

Another Jamaican company has released an Android application. This time, it is On Time Taxi Services Ltd. A reputable and popular Taxi business with 20 years experience in their industry. They recently released app, though a step in the right direction, is unusable in its current state due to frequent crashes and usability.

Launching the app you are greeted by a loading screen and from the main screen cabbies can login while a commuter you can:

  • confirm a Booking
  • Request a Cab – Shows a map view and location of caps
  • Display location – Shows your current location using GPS data on a map

The Taxi App that crashes

I would change the locations of the confirm, request and location options to be more intuitive as I believe requesting a cap and your location would be the more important options. I tested the app with two different devices and the real problem with the app is that it crashes when selecting an available cap on the map and occasionally when displaying your location. Also it seems that as a commuter the options screen you have access to is meant for cab operators with options to enable cab tracking updates for commuters and setting your cab to busy when off duty.

Poor App meant for 2006 not 2016

Overall it is a poor app that doesn’t even function; it screams amateur app development and is a bad reflection on the company. This is 2016 not 2006, Jamaican/Caribbean companies need to come better with mobile apps as consumers have grown accustomed to high quality functional apps that are not a waste of time.

Great Potential and still commendable

There is still great potential with this app in the problems can be corrected and the quality notched up a few slots. We’ll be following the development and updates to the On Time Taxi Service’s Android app in the coming months to see how things change and to see if an iOS version is released.

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