Now Facebook has a Messenger website for your Desktop

Facebook fans who fell in love their Messenger App on their smartphone separate from the main Facebook App back in July 2014, I’ve got great news for y’all.

Now Facebook has a launched the Messenger website for your Desktop on Wednesday April 8th 2015. The Facebook Messenger Website works as advertized; Messenger but in a Browser format, marking freedom of Messenger from Facebook both on your smartphone and Tablet and now on the Desktop.


It’s a lot like the Messenger App you’re already familiar with on your smartphone except it has a three (3) column layout. The Left column lists your conversations, a Settings Button and a Compose Button.

The Middle column shows your current conversation or one that you’ve selected out of the many simultaneous chats you’re might be having. The one to the Right shows all your conversations and has a nice touch of a checkbox to Mute notifications from those ongoing conversations.

How to operate the Facebook Messenger Website – It’s all in the Settings

Settings are where the power is really at. You can disable all notifications and all sounds. Emojis, stickers and thumbs up are back with the Facebook Messenger Website, making you love the bigger screen and not miss your smartphone that much.

Geezam - Facebook Messenger website means you can Send Messages from your Desktop - 10-04--2015 LHDEER (1)

Apple Mac users, you’re special.

There’s a Messenger for Mac app that runs n Apple iOS as a wrapper around the Messenger App that you might have already. It’s still work-in-progress, as there is no access to the Messenger for Mac app the Menu bar and there are no notifications of badges, all of which the Developers promise will be coming soon.

Geezam - Facebook Messenger website means you can Send Messages from your Desktop - 10-04--2015 LHDEER

But for PC users, this must be heaven sent. The Facebook Messenger app on the smartphone clocks some 600 million monthly users. Overall, Facebook has some impressive stats:

  • 4 billion people per month
  • 890 million people visit Facebook
  • 3 billion videos every single day

With Messenger separated from Facebook, just like on your smartphone, you can now Message distraction free without not having to bother about your News Feed [5] boosting your productivity if you use Messenger as a supplement for Email or IM (Instant Messaging).

Folks, have fun with the new Facebook Messenger Website.

Here’s the link:

Facebook Messenger Website

Messenger for Mac app

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