Samsung’s Note 10+ Review – Spectrum of colours packing a Hole-punch Camera

Samsung has been at the very top of the summit along with Apple when it comes to smartphones. Their Galaxy Note line has been listed in the premium of the premium, especially since the arrival of the Note 10 in August 2019 as noted in Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event 2019 set to reveal Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

However, manufacturers such as Huawei have released devices such as the Huawei P30 Pro, which makes Samsung bevy of heavy-hitters less desirable than it was when it first released.

Samsung’s Note 10+, coupled with Star Wars promo this Christmas as noted in Samsung Joins Forces with Star Wars for Christmas Collaboration, may be their only hope to sway people into staying with the Note series with the adjustments they have introduced.

Samsung’s Note 10+ – Instruction manual included

Let’s start with the packaging. It nice and compact and holds a lot of stuff using a lot of folded black cardboard.

This time its packing also includes a complete and detailed instruction manual….. as if you need one. Still, it the thought that counts!!!

Everything is neatly tucked inside with the phone placed on top.

Mine already had the screen protector as well as a transparent plastic case.

So I decided to pull it apart, piece by piece.

Samsung’s Note 10+ – Design is a spectrum of colours

Samsung’s Note 10+ is a portable rainbows smartphone and is quite a sight to behold!!

The back is mostly gold but glows with a spectrum of colours, dancing as you gaze upon it; almost as if you are holding a portable rainbow. It is very eye-catching and adds to the premium feel of the product. It also has a mirrored finish, a fact that will no doubt catch the attention of women, as they can basically use it to adjust their makeup.

Still, this is a fingerprint magnet, as I discovered. It is best advised to go with a case to avoid that problem, making it you own rainbow behind the looking glass and toning down on the wonderful spectrum design.

So, what about the screen and the hole-punch camera that seems to be the main feature of the Note 10+ ?

Samsung’s Note 10+ – Hole-punch front camera lends to the bezel-less look

The Note 10+ has always had a huge screen, with the 6.8″ being a slight increase in screen size compared to the Note 9 as noted in Samsung Galaxy Note10 brings Jamaican passions to Life with Next-Level Power.

It adopts the hole-punch front camera implementation from the S series as show in Samsung Galaxy S10 Review – Double hole punched and Triple Camera Design, which now, the front-facing camera now in the center giving a near bezel-less look.

Colours are vibrant and the images when viewed on the AMOLED display that powers the screen are crisp and sharp, making it a brilliant visual feast for the eyes.

Now that there’s less bezels, the Note 10+ makes watching movies and short videos a treat, especially given its potentially huge aspect ratio thanks to its huge screen. In my next article, I’ll deal with the stuff that’s inside!!

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