My views on Nokia World 2010

Well every techie and phone enthusiast out there in the world(notice that I said “the world” not USA) should have heard about Nokia’s biggest event for the year; Nokia World.  In past years Nokia fans would eagerly await this event with the prospect of seeing the best smartphone in the world for the next year or so unveiled. While things have changed a bit since those times the eager anticipation is still there with alot of persons betting on the moment as Nokia’s counterattack against it’s growing smartphone rivals. How was Nokia World though? Well I was not at the gathering but did manage to watch the event on Nokia’s blog and gathered some insight from what I saw and experienced from that video.

A more aggressive approach

Everybody should agree that the big N’s previous events were never this aggressive in nature in marketing and throwing a couple words or so at its opponents, people complained that they were too soft in marketing the advantages of Symbian and they seemed to have stepped up a bit. The biggest insult thrown by Nokia at it’s event was at a rather unlikely opponent; HTC. Many people would ask, why HTC? They are much smaller than Nokia, have a much smaller reach and is just… smaller. When you look behind the lines however you will see where all of this is coming from, not past rivalry but from the Taiwanese sly and opportunistic move. What HTC did was to hold it’s equivalent of Nokia World in the very same city and at the very same time as Nokia, a move which some said was to attract journalists and developers heading to Nokia World who otherwise would not have  been anywhere near London for HTC’s event. This was a move that got Nokia upset and forced their PR department to respond with a “Survival Guide for HTC event” that lists all kind of wacky stuff to allow attendees to stay awake when they leave to attend HTC’s conference. This I think is a brilliant move and it illustrates Nokia’s goal of regaining mind-share of both the public and the media.

The keynote address by the first two speakers; Niklas Savander and Anssi Vanjoki were attacking, short and clearly aimed at defending the Nokia brand and moving towards the offensive against it’s main competitions Apple and Google. Statistics like 260,000 smartphones sold daily, best and most widely used navigation services and the best camera phone ever created was a rhetoric Nokia should have been utilizing a long time ago. To finish things off was a presentation showing the upcoming movie Tron playing on widescreen via the HDMI out on the N8, a move to show just how good the N8 is at multimedia.

The problems I saw with the two last keynotes

The last two keynotes by Purnima Kochikar and Vittorio Colao were, simply put: boring. I almost fell asleep in the middle of Purnima’s address and had to literally keep encouraging myself to stay awake and continue watching. Yes she had important things to say that would interest me(since I am a developer and forum Nokia member) but the sheer length of her presentation blew the wind out of me. Vittorio’s presentation was different in that I was not very interested in what he was presenting (mainly because the statistics does not relate to my country). I believe that the size of these two presentations could have been truncated to prevent boredom from setting in and messing up the entire opening component of Nokia World.

How much did Nokia World strengthen Nokia’s resolve?

I believe that Nokia’s approach at this year’s event was a clear move at saying “Nokia is back”. Mind you it is just the start, the start of a new strategy at both regaining their lost footing and pushing forward into their competitions territory. Things such as a  vastly cheaper and more profitable Ovistore, improved marketing, improved hardware and a clear vision of a way forward are among the things that will make this conference the most significant since 2007. So yes I think that Nokia have finally found the strategy that will take them forward, all they need to do now is implement it properly.

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Horace is a military and tech enthusiast who spends most of his spare time listening to music or working on his many interests. He has a grasp of journalism and has been writing from he was 9 years old and has participated in several writing competitions throughout Jamaica.

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