Nokia N8 Official!

The long rumoured and sighted N8 from Nokia has finally been made official. The device packs a 12mp autofocus camera with xenon flash, HD 720p video recording, HD video out, 3.5 inch OLED capacitive touchscreen, Symbian S^3 with HWA UI, real visual multitasking, 680mhz OMAP3 CPU with dedicated GPU and a plethora of other features including pentaband 3G(unofficial) and paging file memory.

Nokia n8

The device was previewed by the Russian journalist Eldar of who seems to be always getting his hands on Nokia devices before launch (who knows, he might have a KGB agent infiltrating Nokia once in a while :)). He seem to be less than impressed (not a surprise) and complained about trivial stuff such as the size of the HDMI port (leaves me to wonder how an HDMI port on a phone should look, considering that the N8 is the first GSM with the feature) and the quality of the pics taken with the cam in comparison with the satio. Still the OS is in beta and performed admirably well when compared to iPhone OS 4G beta, which barely works although it have been in works a couple months before S^3 went opensource

The release date is 5 months away so expect lots of improvements and bug fixes as well as opinions from other tech journalists. Price is expected to be at 370€ or 500$ which is over 100$ lower than other highend models.

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