Nintendo Switch drops Battle Royal Tetris 99 challenging Fortnight and Apex Legends

Nintendo is not taking the sudden dominance of Fortnight, Apex Legends and Battlegrounds Unknown lying down.

Also, I suddenly have a reason to buy a Nintendo Switch, the hottest selling console in North America as noted in How the Nintendo Switch is the hottest Gaming Console in US History

On Wednesday February 13th they launched Tetris 99, a battle royale spin on an old game that happens to be a favourite of mine.

All you need is just a maximum of 99 of your best friends. Sounds like a recipe for disrupting a school day.

So how does this work exactly?

Tetris 99 – Nintendo bests Fortnight and Apex Legends with this Retro Upgrade

Basically here the game in a nutshell.

98 other players trying to lay down bricks alongside you…you make 99, hence the name.

Works just like regular Tetris except that every time you clear two lines, the cleared bricks end up on the bottom of other players’ screens….randomly sent of course.

See the video below for an example of the gameplay…..and yes this is EXACTLY what it feels like…

Players get knocked out until one reigns supreme! Fortnight, Apex Legends and Battlegrounds Unknown sounds like they have a new challenger in the form of Tetris 99!!

Tetris 99 is available for Nintendo Switch Online members from today, and is free to download.  

My question is…when is this coming to smartphones, preferably with an ad subscription and Bluetooth team player mode? Stay tuned as I’ll tell you when Tetris 99 does make it to Apple iPhones and Google Android.

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