Nintendo Switch sales up as Labo makes Donkey Kong and Mario Child’s Play

The train may be slowing but the Switch keeps on Rolling!!

Nintendo has done it, people; the Switch, their most successful gaming console ever and most beloved as per my ditty How the Nintendo Switch is the hottest Gaming Console in US History    has clocked some 19.67 million units.


The performance of the Nintendo Switch was so good that in June, Nintendo’s new president, Shuntaro Furukawa, won 96.5% approval from the company’s shareholders.

Truly, he’s working his magic and he’s being rewarded. But what’s the true devil is in the details??

So let’s dive in!!!

Nintendo Switch quarterly earnings report – Console down but software is up

According to Nintendo’s quarterly earnings report revealed Tuesday August 31st 2018, they’re on a roll. The Switch, which launched in March 2017, was always a crowd favourite, with it modular design based that can switch from being a portable gaming console to a hand held device, bringing the fun anywhere, anytime.


The Bluetooth controllers, the Joy-Con and Switch Pro Controller that can actually be paired to work with a PC or Mac! The Nintendo Switch has sold 19.67 million units, albeit it did experience a drop in console sales based Nintendo’s quarterly earnings report:

  • 88 million units sold between April and the end of June 2018
  • 96 million software sales between April and the end of June 2018

This translates into a 4.4% decline in console sales but a 120.8% increase in software sales, mainly made up of downloads and streaming over Steam. But it truly hits home when you compare software sales to the same period last year; US$166 million (18.5 billion yen) in software sales between April and the end of June 2018.

This represents an 8% increase in revenue. The effect on Nintendo’s overall profit and revenue balance sheet shows:

  • US$274 million (30.5 billion yen) company’s operating profit
  • US$1.5 billion (168 billion yen) revenue

So what driving the software downloading that’s making so much money?

Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Labo makes Donkey Kong and Mario child’s play

Games are the heartbeat of any video game console. Mario has some favourite titles with loveable characters that have been hit for years.

Their charm is working magic for Nintendo, as Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which was released in May 2018, has sold 1.40 million units worldwide and holds pole position for games sold.  Mario Tennis Aces came out in June 2018 and is holding strong in 2nd place with 1.38 million copies sold so far.

But it may boil down to the innovative new controllers that Nintendo has bet their unusual modular design on. The Bluetooth paired Joy-Con and Switch Pro Controller makes gaming mimic natural movement, just like the Nintendo Wii.

The Nintendo Labo, which arrived in April, has sold 1.39 million units, evidence of this attraction of easy-to-use intuitive controllers, as it making new gamers out of otherwise non-gaming people.

With the Vehicle Kit for the Labo that’s make riding submarines, cars and planes possible using haptic feedback devices coming in September.2018, expect more kiddies to look for them as stocking Stuffers this along with the Super Smash Bros Ultimate in Christmas 2018.

Nintendo Switch – Kids love it because it’s easy to play

Kids, yet again, are the ones saving Nintendo.

Their love for the Nintendo Switch really boils down to killer gameplay and their controllers that are as intuitive as the one developed for the successful Nintendo Wii.

That gaming console was literally made for little children; Nintendo has channeled this into the Nintendo Switch, making a new generation fall in love with Nintendo again, as at the end of the day, family entertainment is what Nintendo is all about.


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