Nintendo Switch finally revealed

Nintendo’s next console now has an official name and has finally been seen. The Nintendo Switch is the follow-up to the Nintendo WiiU and is expected to launch in March 2017. The consoles biggest feature is its ability switch from a  typical game console attached to a TV to a handheld for mobile gaming hence the “Switch” moniker.

No news yet on the technical specs and cost but some of the games showed off during the reveal trailer include Zelda: Breathe of the Wild, an untitled Mario, Splatoon 2 and Skyrim.


Nintendo has a hit and miss track record as it relates to consoles with the Wii being a critical success while the WiiU selling 10% of the Wii’s 100 million+ sales figures. The Nintendo Switch has been eagerly anticipated and it will be interesting to see how it competes with the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

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