Newspapers vs Online publications

Newspapers have been around for ages,they have evolved from handwritten sheets on handmade paper to sheets printed in modern printing press factories. With all this evolution however, how far can newspapers really evolve to match up with our increasingly digital world?

The physical paper dying?

Even with a history of several hundred years many believe that the days of the physical newspaper are numbered. The advent of the Kindle, iPad and other upcoming tablets and related handheld technology reinforced this belief that many had and managed to pull in some more revolutionists who never believed such a move previously. While many might agree that the ipad and/or Kindle etc is nothing big, the concept that it brings have been felt throughout the media world with newspapers releasing ebook apps for their publications. Online publications such as are also seeing increasing traffic in the last few years as more and more people get access to a PC and find online publications a much more reliable and easier source to get information on recent news.

What to expect:

As the world gradually becomes more developed we will definately see a shift from standard printed media to online publications. How big will this shift be? In 10 years online publications would have gathered enough momentum to threaten printed media in revenue and profit intake, this will occur as the added advantages of online publications become more prevalent and more newspapers switch to providing the service. The big question though is whether or not physical newspaperswill ever be completely replaced by online publications? I believe that online publications will become the dominant media platform in the next 10-20 years, however physical nespapers will still hold a certain position, for example in times without power for an extended period (after a natural disaster) it will fall in to provide informtation temporarily until online publications goes back online.

Advantages of online publications

  • Easier and cheaper to produce and distribute
  • Easier to store
  • Less physical material
  • Easier to update
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Horace is a military and tech enthusiast who spends most of his spare time listening to music or working on his many interests. He has a grasp of journalism and has been writing from he was 9 years old and has participated in several writing competitions throughout Jamaica.


  • Ramano

    As long as we don’t deplete our supply of trees we will be using the paper in the ideal world online publications could be dominant “ideal” as in a world without lower class, poor or poverty (something which will never happen) one needs to factor in the practicality of online publications.

    What of the percentage of the world 1. without Internet 2. without computers, 3. cut off from a large deal of technology on a whole what would they do?

    The debate may be if the iPad is too expensive then get a Kindle but one should keep in mind that for many even the Kindle is expensive a lot of families cannot afford to contribute the hundred odd US towards a mainly leisure device when they have their families to take care of also one has to factor in even if a Kindle is acquired there are still little things that will accumulate like monthly Internet fees etc… while almost anyone can afford to purchase the daily news paper so the concept of online publications being dominant over paper has a very long way to go overall for the financially stable and or rich and wealthy sure but otherwise from that it doesn’t seem that viable.

  • Damon McGuire

    If something makes news on the Internet, big deal. Everyone has articles, blogs, their own pics, and junk on the Internet.
    But, If it makes it in the town’s Newspaper, well, That’s Big!

    • Ramano

      Not really most of the big/popular new paper have their own websites if I want accurate breaking news information I’m not going to go to, NO! I’m going to or etc…. so if one wanted to they are legitimate, reputable sites where one can go to check the daily, weekly news etc…. and the benefits of having the papers online is that you can go into the arcives and check a paper weeks ago, months ago and in some instances years ago.

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