Try out a new YouTube layout by joining their Cosmic Panda experiment

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet and allows users to upload, share and view videos for free. Test Tube is a side project conducted by YouTube in order to get user feedback on their latest project developments before they are incorporated into the general website if any at all. The latest addition to YouTube’s Test Tube is an experimental version of the site called Cosmic Panda.

Users can easily visit the Test Tube section of the website or go directly to  to enable the experimental layout. You can easily switch back to the normal layout anytime. The changes are quite well done with new features and options for videos, channel pages, playlists, comments and more.

Cosmic Panda? Really Youtube? I Like it! - both the experimental name and layout that is...

My favourite feature of Cosmic Panda is the ability to choose the layout style for channels. Channel owners can choose between “Creator”, “Blogger”, “Network” or “Everything” and each template displays content different depending on how you want to display your content. Take Cosmic Panda for a spin and share what you think in a comment below, while you are at it, subscribe to the Geezam Tech Blog Youtube Channel, it’s a barren wasteland now but look out for some awesome videos and features in the near future, we promise.

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One thought on “Try out a new YouTube layout by joining their Cosmic Panda experiment”

    Lance Cameron

    (July 8, 2011 - 11:59 am)

    nice new test… they have been about testing some cool features
    and this is an interesting new feature when/if release fully

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