New Year, New You? Get a New App! #NYResolution Check-in

Here we are. Its mid February and i am in shock. Just yesterday i was rolling over to the dawn of a whole new year and some how, between the yawning and stretching, a month ran past!

Apart of that rolling over into the New Year process began with me doing something that a bazillion other people across the world did also. We put pen to paper and with blooms of promise budding in our hearts we wrote words of hope for what our 2015 would look like (mostly about what our abs and bank accounts would look for the most part). Yes, those things. Resolutions. Exciting to write but oh so difficult to keep. Or are they?

I sat down and spoke to a few people just like me and you who have been working on keeping their resolution achievement on track with a few apps that maybe you would find useful as well.

Dandre (@fitwaydre)- Fitness/Health & Nutrition

Goal: “Get really, really shredded” i.e. drop extra body fat 

Fave App (iOs): My Fitness Pal

This graphic designer, student and fitness enthusiast is all about achieving that body that we all die to have for 2015, but are just too busy enjoying ice cream and brownies to have (Check out his instagram. You shall see what i mean. Ladies, please, control yourselves) .

A serious lover of all things savory, he has been working to kick those craving monkeys off his back and get over bad eating habits. He credits My Fitness Pal for keeping him on track the most because of its user friendly interface.

myfitnesspal logo transparent_tcm256-11335

This app is a winner because of how easy and extensive its calorie tracking ability is. Logging your calories is as simple as scanning a bar code, and due to the wide database of food items, local goods can also be inputted and tracked. But it doesnt end there. This app breaks down your food item into the major food categories, comparing what your consumption should be like (based on initial goal set) and what it actual is, prompting you to make smart choices.

To complement this app he suggested 2 other apps to aid the fitness push. Check out “Body Space” to share your journey with and get inspiration from other “fit folk” like you and Nike Run to burn those calories you just ate.


Stacy*- Dating and Relationship Building

Goal: Meet more people with similar interests

Fave App (iOs & Android): Tinder 

You would think that with all these social networks and constant connectivity we would be finding it easier to meet people yes? Not so.

Super cute but equally as busy, Public Relations Executive and blogger Stacy is one of those people who have turned to this increasingly popular website to meet singles and other like minded individuals in her area. What makes this app a winner? For her ease of use is what won her over. Having read about it online she decided to give it a try and she has not looked back since.


A Facebook sign-up is all you need to start swiping through a bevvy of interesting people that the app picks for you based on your interests and location. Matches are made when both parties express interest in each other independently so there is none of that awkwardness or rejection that comes with seeing an unanswered request. When matched, it opens up additional features that allow the games i.e. communication to begin.

Overall she loves the result she has been getting when it comes to the calibre of people she has met and has even gone on a date! (Maybe i should join Tinder…)

Last but certainly not least….

Anna-  Personal Finance

Goal: “Not to be in a deficit each month” i.e. save and manage expenses

Fave App (iOs): Good Budget

Even the best of us tend to find ourselves asking “where the hell did my money go?!”, but for Anna Good Budget helps her answer that question. Plugging in the ideal budget ceiling for the month is how you start off in this app, after which all day to day expenses/income plugged in, add to or subtract from, this master figure.

Divide your money into different “envelopes” within the app for different categories, then spend only from those envelopes. By doing this, you’ll focus on how you plan to spend, rather than how much you’re spending (even though that is important too). Goodbudget also allows you to sync your budget across multiple devices, so each person using the envelopes knows how much is left to spend.


The word Deficit is on its way to being struck from her vocabulary as Anna gives this app superstar status, because she is now able to see exactly what she is saving and from where.

Other suggested appications? Yummly (recipe app)! Why? Because it is the bees knees! (Her words….Yes. Really…lol )

And there you have it! If these 3 regular (and buff in some cases) people can stay on track with their resolutions, then whats stopping you?!

Cheers to another month flying by but with a little bit of #smartsocialmedia atleast you will be that much closer to achieving your goals for 2015.

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