Netbook Misconception – My NC10 Review

I have been using desktops for a long time and I decided I wanted something with some mobility several items came to mind tablets, netbooks, laptops etc, but in the end I decided to get a netbook because it had the best of tablets and the laptop. One of my main reasons for avoiding the tablets was the touch technology I was thinking of the long run and the maintenance and or possible repair if needed and just the life/longevity of the touch interface led me to question it, in regards to the Laptops my main turn off was the massive size especially the types of Laptops that I was interested in and of course there was also the price factor so at the end of the day for features, durability and price I choose to get the Netbook.

Not for High End Software

Now I’m tired of reading and hearing people bashing Netbooks because it cannot run the latest graphics, video editing, video games and thus its garbage, it cannot run those because it was not built to run high end software, in no way was it designed to run your Photoshop CS4, Final Cut or Modern Warfare 2. Did you even check the specs of your CS4 or Maya before trying to run it on your Netbook wait a minute did you even check the specs on your Netbook?

The device was simply not designed to handle such tasks and if you need a mobile platform to handle such apps go get your self a good if not very good Laptop personally I bought my mainly for the portability and with the plans of doing basic web coding on it. So before you go out there and nail the Netbook to the cross check if what you want it to do if it was ever designed or has the specs to actually accomplish.

Choosing a brand a model

So after doing a lot of research into the netbook realm I narrowed it down to three manufactures Asus, Acer & Samsung which had the best line up at the time and after several reviews for features and price I decided to go with the Samsung NC10 and have been loving it since I unwrapped it. It is nice and light it’s even more portable than I had expected due its size and weight you can slide it in almost any little bag, it has good battery life of I dare say guaranteed 5 hours at least with my usage habits and thats just with the stock battery larger cell ones are available. The keyboard fits yours hands just like a full size keyboard, of course several keys are missing but the main typing keys are all there and for its size you would have expected it to feel a bit awkward well thats not the case in the least, it has all the necessary accessory ports your usb, audio and video it doesn’t have a built in optical drive but thats a given for its size all. All in all it is a good product.

Serves it’s purpose

It does what its suppose to do, it handles light weight work internet browsing, checking and sending mail, the occasional word and excel documents, basic media like music, viewing and sorting pictures and other documents etc. It also boots surprisingly fast and the response time is good even after running several programs I sometimes get carried away and try to load the 40 odd websites across the two instances of Firefox while listening to music and working on a word document or two if you do that you will notice response delay I just have to keep in mind that I’m on a Netbook and not my Quad Core Desktop and I usually am good to go. For mobility, applications not very resource intensive and a light work load I would recommend a Netbook to anyone but for those who have a heavy workload and intensive applications don’t even look in the direction of one or you will be tremendously disappointed and possibly bundled with some high levels of frustration for users like that if you need the mobility I highly recommend a notebook/laptop.

Samsung NC10 Specs

  • Intel  1.6GHz Atom processor
  • 10.2″ widescreen display
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home
  • Integrated 1.3 mega pixel camera
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Card Reader: 3 in 1
  • Hard Drive: 160 GB – Serial ATA-150
  • Networking: Network adapter – Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 6 cell
  • Ram: DDR2 SDRAM – 667 MHz
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