Flow Jamaica’s MyPlan Base Plan is Postpaid with Bolt-On Benefits

As you may well be aware, FLOW Jamaica has passed the 1 million customer mark since Friday May 20th 2016 as explained in How Flow Jamaica celebrated 1 million customers with a 99 cents FAM Plan.

Most of the celebration seems to have been showered on the Prepaid customers as in the case of the 99 cents Plans as per my ditty FLOW Jamaica’s 30-Day Prepaid Mobile Internet gives you 99 cents Plan.

FLOW jamaica Blackberry plans - 11-06-2016 LHDEER (3)

Also they seem to have a choice between Talk EZ and XL Value Plans as detailed in FLOW Jamaica’s Prepaid Talk EZ and XL Value Plans. Even their XL Value Plan seems nice with Free Calling and Free Text along with a myriad of benefits as detailed in FLOW Jamaica’s XL Value Plan has Free Talk, Text, Nights, FAM and Faves.

But the FLOW Postpaid customers have not been forgotten, as growing their Postpaid customer base is a part of their long term planning. After all, the majority of FLOW Jamaica’s Postpaid customers were originally Prepaid customers who were loyal to the company for many years before switching to Postpaid.

So how do you become a Postpaid customer?

How to Apply for a Postpaid Plan – Plans to suit Every smartphone

Postpaid is where you pay for your service each month via a billing cycle, as opposed to Prepaid, where you have to add voucher credit in order to continue making calls. To get a Postpaid account, first, you’ll need the following to switch from Prepaid to Postpaid:

  • Prepaid Phone
  • Government ID i.e. Drivers’ license, Passport
  • Proof of address i.e. 3 months worth of Bills, house title, etc
  • Proof of income e.g. 3 months worth of Pay Slips or Rent Receipts

Once you have these, the Customer Care Representatives at the FLOW Store will quickly process your application and issue you with a new SIM Card. you’ll also be given a complementary free Huawei Ascend Y300 or Huawei Ascend Y360 smartphone, albeit you can also purchase your own smartphone.

During the process, you’ll have to choose which Postpaid plan you wish to have as well as the Bolt-ons you wish to have. There are two (2) Postpaid plans:

  • MyPlan Basic Plan
  • MyFamily Plan
  • iPhone Plans
  • UltraPak plans

In this article I’ll be focusing on the MyPlan Basic, with the other Postpaid plans being dealt with in future articles.

MyPlan Basic – Improve your Plan with Bolt-Ons

The MyPlan Basic, which costs JA$799 per month, gives you the following benefits

myplan basic - 26-06-2016 LHDEER

You can then add the following Bolt-on that give you additional Voice minutes, Data and Text as follows:


  • MyMinutes Bolt-on
  • MyData Bolt-on
  • MyText Bolt-on

First the MyMinutes Bolt-on; pretty straightforward, as it merely adds additional Minutes to your MyPlan Basic Plan.

myminutes bolt-on - 26-06-2016 LHDEER

Then, for those of you data loving types toting a smartphone, there is the MyData Bolt-on that give additional Data to your MyPlan Basic Plan. Good to note here if you exceed your plan, you’ll be billed at a rate of JA$9.99 per megabyte.

MyData Bolt-on - 26-06-2016 LHDEER

Finally, for the super Texters, the MyText Bolt-on has you covered, giving testing bundles to your MyPlan Basic Plan.

MyText Bolt-on - 26-06-2016 LHDEER

So what about Tablet, Dongle, MiFi, Blackberry users and those of us wanting to stay in touch with relatives abroad? Are there any Blot-ons for such Postpaid users?

Internet Plans, Blackberry Plans and International Calling Plans – Tablet, Dongle, MiFi, Blackberry and Global Connections

If you have a Tablet, dongle or the very hard-to-get MiFi Device, the MyPlan Basic Plan is the best plan to have. This as you can add an Internet Plan which has some rather whimsical names.

internet plans - 26-06-2016 LHDEER

Finally, there is something for the Blackberry users, who FLOW Jamaica has not forgotten as evident from the Prepaid Blackberry plans listed in FLOW Jamaica’s Blackberry Plans support Trailblazers of Mobile Internet.

blackberry data plans - 26-06-2016 LHDEER

Blackberry Data Plans exist for Postpaid users as listed below and are very similar to the Prepaid Blackberry plans.

Good to note that these Blackberry plans are for all blackberrys. But for the Postpaid user who likes to stay in touch with family and friend who live abroad, the International Calling Plans are included just for you.

International Calling Plans - 26-06-2016 LHDEER

These International Calling Plans you to call China, India, USA, Canada and landlines in the UK and Spain at low rates.

Sharing is caring so share this article with your friends, encouraging them to switch to Postpaid on FLOW, the 1 million Strong Network!

Here’s the link:


FLOW Jamaica Prepaid Mobile Internet plan

FLOW Jamaica Prepaid Calling Plans

FLOW Jamaica Website

FLOW Jamaica Twitter Feed: @FLOWJamaica

FLOW Jamaica Facebook Page

FLOW Jamaica YouTube Channel


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