Motion Gaming And Its Future

Where did we go wrong with; motion gaming. Gaming that transcends barriers and limitations by bringing the user one step closer to real 1 to 1 interactivity with their video game. Personally I agree that this idea and direction that video games have taken is a good idea; I just don’t support the other half of the coin that accompanies it. That being companies pushing out lame game titles that use this technology in a lack luster way that feels outright gimmicky or just tacked on. It’s travesties such as these that irk my soul so, as something with this much promise is squandered. Many hardcore gamers having been looking forward to the success of this technology since the days of the Nintendo’s Power Glove, and Powerpad. Not that I expect everyone to know what I’m referring to but alas Google is your friend, for reference here are some pics…

NES powerpadpowerglovead


Now for hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike I can loosely affirm that playing Wii sport fitness or Zumba Fitness on PS3 or trying on different outfits on XBOX didn’t exactly rank high on our priority list for main stream game releases or uses for motion gaming hardware. Speaking for myself I have never been a fan of the new generation of gaming catered to mainstream game audiences but regardless I have to actually give everything a fair try. After doing such I can safely say that my gaming  enjoyment for motion based gaming seems to go only as far as Just Dance which I must say is a blast especially with a crowd cheering you on. Kudos to Microsoft and there continued support and upkeep of the Kinect as it has transitioned well from the Xbox 360 to the newly released next gen XBOX One. Similar credit must be shown to Sony as well for their overhaul of their Eye-Toy. I’m sure many hardcore gamer imagined a world of motion gaming akin to this:

All fun and jokes aside though, where are the industry changing games? The FPS’s (First Person Shooters), the sports games & the fighting games would have made much more of an impact as better use of the technology. Thankfully Sony has seemingly heard the cry of many devout gamers and is putting more work behind releasing games of this nature that we can look forward to as the technology becomes more grounded in the gaming world and fine tuned to perfection. The day of reckoning where players will be able to physically throw a hadouken or take part in a street brawl is drawing nearer and nearer. Then as time progress who knows we could see much more practical everyday use of the technology being made clear. I can totally see a bright future ahead where something like this video is the norm:

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