Minecraft Apple iPhone and iPad making brick building Games Social

Minecraft has in November 2011AD gone to the Apple iPad and Apple iPhone as a downloadable customized official app according to website CNET. This in keeping with my peepers could see back then last year in my article MineCraft – Indie hit is Social Gaming’s Cinderella.

First last year’s stale news.

As of December 2nd 2011AD, Mojang, the developer group headed by Markus “Notch” Persson is seeing a few changes as well. This as the by Markus “Notch” Persson has stepped down as his role as Lead Developer and is handing over that responsibility to Mojang’s Jens Bergensten as announced on his World of Notch blog, quote: “As of yesterday, Jens Bergensten is the new lead developer on Minecraft. He will have the final say in all design decisions, so he will kinda sorta become my boss, I guess. I’ve promised him to not pull rank.”. Well deserved rest indeed.

So now that the cult underground Group Simulation game that made Brick Building Social is popular, it’s above ground dwellers in the real world that are big fans of the franchise are now up to no good as usual. One particularly ardent fan games musician Grahame (aka Paradise Decay) recreated the Death Star Trench Run scene in Star Wars: A New Hope involving Luke Skywalker. Very detailed and a little too much time on his hands I would say!

Mojang has also gone LEGO with a planned debut of a Minecraft LEGO Brick set in the works via a crowd-sourcing partnership with Cuusoo and LEGO. This partnership, announced on December 5th 2011, will allow those fans of the franchise to contribute by suggesting designs for LEGO Brick sets themed around MineCraft.

Mojang’s official statement on it has me excited too (and I don’t even play Minecraft!!) quote: “Minecraft is about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine in the virtual world. You can build anything you imagine with LEGO bricks in the physical world. Minecraft and LEGO were meant to be together.”

LEGO also chimed in with a statement on the coming LEGO Brick set, quote: “seeing LEGO Minecraft sets is also our dream, so we linked to one of the projects. It’s clear to us that there are many creative people with good ideas for this and we want to throw our own hat into the ring and start this project to bring the best LEGO Minecraft builders together.”

More crazy fans, apparently unable to wait for the LEGO brick sets designed by the Crowd-Sourcing peeps to hit the shelves, have decided to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality and bring life to their creations. Graphics programmer Eric Haines created Mineways, a freeware software that allows you to do just that.

It scans your creations in the game and renders them in a 3D file that can be printed by a Makerbot 3D Printer, the “Star Trek Replicator” which has considerably improved on design in its recent debut at CES (Computer Entertainment Expo) 2012 being full built as opposed to requiring user assembly, a device worthy of its very own blog article at a later date.

Truly Mojang has been on a tear since Minecraft has gone the Apple iPad and iPhone app route, as fans have been pushing the popularity of the franchise for quite a while as per the suggestion in my article MineCraft – Indie hit is Social Gaming’s Cinderella.

Not bad for a LEGO like game that makes Brick Building Social, more proof that simple Cloud-Based Gaming is the future of Gaming as Consoles and Portable gaming units suffer a slow painful decline as noted in my article EA’s Tetris on a US$30 yearly subscription: VIP for Casual & Smartphone Gaming Addicts.

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