Microsoft gone Freemium: How to edit Office files in Dropbox on your smartphone or Tablet

Have Microsoft Office 360 on your smartphone or Tablet as described in my article Microsoft to introduce Office to Apple iPad on Thursday March 27th 2014???

Especially now that the Microsoft Office 360 since Thursday October 6th 2014 has gone the way of the freemium model and has split into three (3) separate Apps for Apple iPhone users i.e. Word, Excel and PowerPoint, with upgrades to better features costing only US$6.99 per month?

But you’re unable to edit them ‘cause you never though to get Microsoft OneDrive Cloud storage to store all those documents?

If you’re a Dropbox fan and you use if for everything from storing School notes, streaming music to even hosting your Reflection, as in the case of my aptly-titled Reflection with themed “Lindsworth Deer’s MICO Wars The Teacher Force Awakens”, then you’ll love this bit of news folks!

You can now edit documents in Dropbox directly on your smartphone or Tablet, according to a recent post on the Dropbox Blog. This development is a follow-on of a recent deal between Microsoft and Dropbox announced on Tuesday November 4th 2014 that’ll see allow users to access Dropbox directly from Microsoft Office 360 and edit Office files from the Dropbox App .


Just download the latest update of Dropbox from the Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes Store and then follow the simple instructions:

  1. Launch Dropbox on your mobile device
  2. Open any Word, Excel or PowerPoint file on your mobile phone or Tablet using he Microsoft 360 App
  3. Tap the new Edit icon that allows you to open the file in its native Office app
  4. Tap the name of the Office app when Dropbox asks to open the file with its native app
  5. Tap the Allow link to grant permission for the corresponding app to access your files and folders in Dropbox
  6. View and edit the file
  7. Tap the Back button to exit the app and return to Dropbox after you’ve finished editing the file
  8. Dropbox files will be edited with your new changes

Alternatively, you can open Dropbox from within Microsoft Office 360 as a new location is added under Places for Dropbox:

  1. Open Word, Excel or PowerPoint on your mobile device
  2. Tap the link for Dropbox to view your Dropbox folders and files
  3. Tap the Office file you wish to view or edit
  4. Edit the open file as needed
  5. Tap the Back button
  6. Revised file automatically saved back to Dropbox

That’s a rap folks. Enjoy Microsoft Office 360, now split into three little piggies on the Freemium model and now with the power of Dropbox Editing!

Microsoft Excel on Apple iTunes Store

Microsoft PowerPoint on Apple iTunes Store

Microsoft Word on Apple iTunes Store

Microsoft Office Mobile on Google Play Store

Dropbox on Apple iTunes

Dropbox on Google Play Store

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