Microsoft Expands Xbox 360 with Kinect

The impressive Project Natal was revealed last year by Microsoft at the 2009 Electric Entertainment Expo. This year at E3 2010 the official name, branding and price was revealed for the first time. Kinect as it will be known is a bar that plugs into an Xbox 360 and sits atop your TV, just like the Wii’s sensor bar, and allows the player or players to interact with games using movement and speech. The price point for he device is $150.

Kinectimals, Joyride, Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures and Dance Central are some of the games announced so far for Kinect which leans heavily to a more casual crowd but Microsoft promises that many of it’s third party arters are busy working on more hardcore titles for the system.

Check out the trailer below for Fan reactions to the new Xbox 360 Kinect:

Official Xbox 360 Kinect Website

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