Mayberry Mobile Trading App bring the Trading Floor to investors

Brokerage firm Mayberry Investments Limited has, over the years, shown its ability to be innovative, giving customers great value, varied investment options and solid returns on investments.

Mayberry is the first and only investment company in Jamaica to host a monthly forum, where investors can access first-hand information on investments, as well as financial and economic matters.

The company has now taken its client focus a step further, with the launch of its mobile app, which recently, has added as a feature: the ability to trade stocks.

Mayberry Mobile app – Local market Information on the go

Through the app, launched over a year ago, clients can access their investment accounts and view statements from any mobile device. The app allows investors, at any point in time, to have information relating to their accounts, as well as general information about the local market, right at their fingertip.

The Mayberry Mobile app has the following features:

  • Available on both Android and iOS platforms
  • Accounts viewing and stock trading
  • My Portfolio: displays a list of all a client’s accounts held at Mayberry along with their total values in JMD
  • Account Summary: displays the total value of each category of assets in the selected account in JMD

Damian Whylie, General Manager of Asset Management at Mayberry disclosed that the usage rate of the app is over 65% and investors have been keen on downloading the app since its release.


He also stated that the company is committed to continuing the improvement of its product and service delivery and he promised that there are tremendous things to come to this platform.

Mayberry Mobile app – Upgrades including trading Stocks

Since the launch of the app, Mayberry has added new features to improve customer satisfaction. This has resulted in increased app usage.

The most recent addition, the equities order feature, allows customers to, though this medium, buy and sell stocks on the local stock exchange.

The app also allows investors to:

  • View recent orders
  • View recent trades
  • View and download a simplified portfolio statement
  • View stocks by portfolio

You can also view live stock market pricing including:

  • Company name
  • Stock symbol
  • Highest price at which the stock last traded
  • Lowest price at which the stock last traded
  • Price of the stock at the opening and close of the most recent trading day

Mayberry Mobile app – How to sign up

The app is currently available to Mayberry clients only. To sign up for the app or online access, clients are required to provide the following information:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Account number
  • TRN
  • Telephone number
  • Timezone

This is a game-changing move by Mayberry and is yet another reason that the company continues to dominate the investment banking space in Jamaica.

Here’s the link:

MIL Portfolio on Google Play Store

MIL Portfolio on Apple iTunes Store

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