Mattress to relieve your back and neck pain

Back pain is horrible. You probably know that already. If there is anything worse than suffering from back pain, it is spending your hard earned money on solutions that don’t work.

You probably also already know that there aren’t any easy answers about how to solve or treat back pain. Everyone’s body and pain is different. This site can’t guarantee any easy solutions.

However, there are things you can do to give yourself the best chance of finding a mattress that is right for you.

  • Study on some research and look at what the scientific research says.
  • Do your own research – find out as much information as you can
  • Find reviews from people who suffer similar conditions
  • Speak to your medical professional
  • Test the mattress out first

These steps can help you through the sometimes costly process of finding relief with minimal pain. Plus, we will show you how to pick the right mattress for your own needs.

Choosing the Mattress – The 5 Types of Sleepers

Many people have realized that back or neck pain isn’t simply solved by buying a rock-hard bed.

Otherwise we would all be sleeping on the ground.

Your choice of bed, mattress and pillow can have a definite effect on the health of your back. This site provides some information about the various choices and options which may help you towards a pain-free life.

One of the first things that most people do is to look for brand recommendations and reviews. This is a good way to find out which manufacturers are reputable. However, this will only give you part of the story, and is one of the reasons why some popular mattresses have made people’s pain worse.

Everybody and every need is different. Consider these five people:

  1. A 65 year old woman who is 5’ 3” weighs 90 pounds and has arthritic pain.
  2. A 50 year old man who is 5’ 10” weighs 240 pounds and has bulging disks.
  3. A 35 year old woman who has severe sciatica pain after giving birth.
  4. A 40 year old man who is 6’ 4” and has multiple chronic injuries from sports, mostly from wear and tear on his joints.
  5. A 25 year old woman who has whiplash and other injuries from a car accident.

It should be pretty obvious that they will all need different mattresses to help with their pain. So one brand recommendation may not be suitable for everyone.

Shopping for a Mattress – Finding that Bed just for you

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to understand the qualities and characteristics of mattresses that you need to look for. This is how to find the mattress that is perfect for yourself.

However, a new bed isn’t always what you need, or it may only be part of your solution. You may find more relief from changing the way you sleep, for example placing a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side.

Seeking relief from back, neck or sciatic pain can be a costly and frustrating experience. A new bed or a new mattress can be a particularly costly investment. With that in mind, this site aims to provide independent information and hopefully help you feel better, faster.

Importantly, the information presented here has not been sourced only from bed or mattress manufacturers. Although they can have an impressive amount of knowledge it is also useful to get advice from other experts. So this site also sources knowledge from spine, orthopedic and sleep specialists.

Also, keep in mind that some retailers will allow you to exchange a mattress if it isn’t providing the relief you seek. If you do choose to purchase a new bed then it may be worth finding a retailer that gives this assurance.

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