How to make your own Cleaning Fluid and Cleaning Tips for your Smartphone or Tablet

If you are like many Millennials (ages 18 to 28) have decided to make the plunge into the world of touch Screen devices for your gadget upgrade, you might have a little “switching to a Capacitive touch Screen device” anxiety.

After all, importing your stuff from Blackberry to an Apple iPhone or Google Android powered smartphones is painful enough, especially if you’ve never though it important to make a backup of your Blackberry in the first place.  Backing up your Blackberry and transferring your stuff across to your spanking new Smartphone is a topic of interest I’ll deal with in another blog article.

Hint: Go Apple iPhone 5 with iOS 6.0; it friendlier to Blackberry migration!

Then there is getting use to touch and glide instead of pressing on buttons on a touch Screen device, for which I came up with a cure; make your own Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus as described in How to make a Stylus for your Apple iPad or Capacitive-Touch Device.

Now you have to deal with cleaning your device whenever it get oily from contact with your fingers or face as, after all, Capacitive Touch Screen Devices are the ultimate Dust and Finger Magnet, being as the Capacitive Touch Screen is the device’s only input and output. So making sure it does not get damaged, or worse unresponsive, is your main responsibility….aside from not letting it drop on hard rocky surfaces or sitting on it accidentally.


So here’s a trusty way to clean your Capacitive Touch Screen Devices, be it Tablet or Smartphone without damaging the Capacitive Touch Screen real estate. Best of all, this DIY will save you a lot of money on buying expensive cleaning agents!

It’s DIY (Do it Yourself) time folks! First you’ll need:

  • Bottle of 100% Pure isopropyl Alcohol or Methanol
  • Small Spray bottles
  • Microfiber chamois
  • Pure cotton cloths
  • Distilled Water
  • Gloves
  • Funnel

The instructions are simple enough:

  1. Purchase the above. The 100% Pure isopropyl Alcohol or Methanol will be the hardest to get, but it’s usually available at your local Bulk Chemical Store
  2. Read the cleaning instructions for your product. If it says the product has an oleophobic coating i.e. oil repelling coating, then skip step 6
  3. Make sure to put on gloves, as the 100% pure isopropyl Alcohol or Methanol of this level of purity will rapidly remove heat from your hands and desiccate (remove moisture) and denature Fatty Oils in your skin.
  4. Rinse the funnel and the measuring cup clean of dirt and grease using the pure cotton cloths dipped in some of the 100% pure isopropyl Alcohol or Methanol. Foreign contaminants are the last thing you’ll need in your mixture
  5. Pour pure 1 part 100% pure isopropyl Alcohol or Methanol to 1 part Distilled Water into one of the small Spray Bottles. This is for use with gadgets that have an oleophobic coating
  6. Mix 1 part 100% pure isopropyl Alcohol or Methanol Distilled Water with 1 part Distilled Water. This is for use with gadgets that do not have an oleophobic coating
  7. Cap Small Spray Bottle top and give it a shake.
  8. Squirt some of the liquid unto a Microfiber chamois or Pure cotton cloths, depending on if the item has an oleophobic coating or not
  9. Clean the Capacitive Screen in even strokes in one direction, lifting each time to start from the top of the screen. Do not use a circular motion as this will damage the Capacitive Touch Screen over time and leave streaks
  10. Keep Clear of the Edges, as moisture can get under the Edges and inside of the electronics of your gadget, which definitely don’t like water

If you really like your gadget and you want it to have a long happy life short of you leaving it in your pocket in the washing machine or sitting on it in your back pocket, here are a few more tips to consider:

  • Buy your gadget a case. Nothing shows that you love your gadget more than getting it some clothes to cover up its nakedness
  • Buy a Screen Protector for your Device. Many of them are available on Amazon and with Christmas coming, now is a great time to get your device a Screen Protector
  • Never be tempted to use Windex or any harsh detergents such as Bleaches or Dishwashing Liquids on your Capacitive Touch Screen. This degrades the Capacitive Touch Screen’s ability to function over time, as the above mixtures will remove any organic or inorganic stain as well as the oleophobic coating!
  • Change your lifestyle habits. Don’t use your gadget while eating, Singing in the rain or the shower or with your hands dirty. Washing your hands can also prevent your device becoming a Typhoid Mary to spread germs and bacteria to your co-worker who decided to borrow your gadget
  • Do not expose to Bright, direct sunlight. This will dry out the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and degrade the Capacitive Touch Screen’s ability to function over time

That’s it folks. Be a good sport this Christmas and show your gadget that you care by keeping it clean the proper way and dressing it up in the latest cases and Screen Protector Technology and changing your lifestyle habits without spending a fortune.

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Lindsworth is a Radio Frequency and Generator Maintenance Technician who has a knack for writing about his work, which is in the Telecoms Engineering Field. An inspired writer on themes as diverse as Autonomous Ants simulations, Power from Lightning and the current Tablet Wars.