Legitimizing eSports: Bit By Bit

One would think as time goes on that people would look at the growth and advancement of the newly founded industry of eSports positively. Sadly the powers that be are typically from the older generation that has the mindset that gaming is nothing but a hobby or waste of time. It is primarily for this reason why over the past two years it has been a bit challenging to get eSports widely accepted and recognized here in Jamaica. Time marches on and reported earlier today another step is being taken to further legitimize eSports on the competitive world stage; starting with Counterstrike: Global Offensive.

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Pro gaming league ESL has decided to start administering tests for performance-enhancing drugs. In the wake of pro Counter-Strike players’ admissions that they’d been chomping on ADHD drug Adderall. Adderall, normally prescribed to treat ADHD, can help players focus during intensive competitions or training regiments. eSports is a career and has money in it, so just like regular sports, there will be those willing to take some drugs in order to increase their performance. ESL will use the expertise of NADA and WADA to create a PEDs prevention program, which will be distributed to all players participating in esports competitions organized, hosted or produced by ESL. The goal of this program is to ensure players are provided with information and structural support to help them manage the physical and emotional pressure that the highest level of competitive gaming puts on many of them.


Even with the negative nature of this topic its good to see the league taking something of this unprecedented nature seriously. Helping to further solidify the legitimacy of the sport of competitive gaming in the long run. The first positive move was the USA recognizing eSport pro’s as athletes and granting them athletic VISA’s to compete in events. Establishing a precedent for drug monitoring I feel is a step in the progressive direction of eSports as a whole. The same governing body that oversees the Olympics and other major sporting events is definitely the best place to look for guidance in such a matter. If you need more convincing however on the rise and legitimacy of eSports take a moment to check out this video that gives a decent overview of the whole eSports situation on the rise…

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