Long time Mactivist Kevin Rose of Diggnation and Milk Inc Goes Android

Long time “Mactivist” Kevin Rose of Digg.com and Milk Inc Goes Android with the Galaxy Nexus. He stated in a recent post on the Google Social Networking Platform, Google +:   “Excited to get his android phone this week – Going Nexus!” see here.

If your one that has seen any of the Diggnation podcasts hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht you would know why I used the term “Mactivist” to describe Kevin. The man is totally immersed in the Apple culture, I think he’s owned every iPhone and seems to own a couple different flavors of the Macbook Pro and of course an iPad. So this does seems surprising that he wants to switch.. In a previous Google + post he did state that he was impressed with a demonstration he got of the nexus and that has apparently swayed him to the Android side of the fence.

I’m almost certain he’ll still have an iPhone though as he now dabbles in iOS application development via his latest venture Milk Inc and their first applicaiton being a social discovery platform named Oink. The good news of all this is maybe Android users will be seeing a port of Oink soon? Who know’s what’ll happen though.

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