Say Hello to Jayson, new Writer

A warm hello to my fellow Geezamise! Hoping you’ve had a more filling breakfast than I had before writing this article.

Quenching my ignorance with a new daily diet of Feeds, I saw a post from on a quick tip that made me smash my face into my keyboard as to “why didn’t I think of this?!”

“This Quicktip is a bit off the topic of editing and post-production but it’s a simple tip for Sunday and it can probably be utilized by most any editor who has a desk and has a lot of wires snaking up and around the desk. Credit for finding this one goes to Shane Ross of Little Frog in Hi-Def. He actually found it on Digg and his Twitter comment said it all”

And in other news, it seems the rumors of epic releases from Apple for their Pro Customers this Spring 2011were true! I’ve been ranting on discussions boards from Macrumors, Adobe Forums, Apple Discussions and many more about how Apple treated the Pro Users. It’s been 3+ years since a significant release of Video Production software and hardware release and to be honest, I was gonna denounce my FanBoy status if Apple didn’t do something about it. Now, I prepare to don my hat of no shame once again. Faster than e-sata you say? Faster read and write speeds to your storage medias mean less stressful and faster editing of heavy duty video media(trows a rock at AVC compression). Also the imminent release of Final Cut Studio 4 and hence Final Cut Pro 8!… Pushed back! >:|

I’ll get into details of both depending on which one I get my hands on first. I’ll be the new video junkie with a pinch of Apple fanboism here on hope you liked my first entry!

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