Jamaican government contractor Amber Group allegedly exposes COVID-19 test results and private data of travelers

A humiliating security lapse with far-reaching consequences and effects has been reported by TechCrunch involving Amber Group. Amber Group were contracted by the Jamaican government to develop the JamCOVID19 website and app. Functionality includes publishing daily coronavirus figures, self-reporting of symptoms and pre-approval of travel applications after uploading a negative COVID-19.

JamCOVID19 website by Amber Group

Jamaica’s immigration website exposed

TechCrunch further reports that the Amazon Web Services server used to store the data was left unsecured without a password exposing all its contents such as:

  • immigration documents including the traveller’s name, date of birth and passport numbers
  • quarantine orders
  • travellers’ signatures
  • Jamaican passport, immigration and citizenship agency data
  • 1.1 million daily updating check-in videos
  • COVID-19 results

Amber Group, The office of the Prime Minister, The Ministry of Health and Wellness, The Ministry of National Security or Ministry of Tourism has yet to respond to the news of the data breach.

Source –  Jamaica’s immigration website exposed thousands of travelers’ data

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