JA$2500 Huawei Y360 on Friday is a Barrel of 99c and MVP Calling

FLOW Jamaica isn’t done celebrating achieving 1 million customers as declared in How Flow Jamaica celebrated 1 million customers with a 99 cents FAM Plan.

Now they’ve decided to throw down the gauntlet and declare a sale on the Huawei Y360 on Friday July 29th 2016. Take a look at this poster on FLOW Jamaica’s Twitter page:

Yes, you’re seeing that right; you don’t have to adjust your screen. The Huawei Y360 is now down to $2500 plus Tax on a Talk EZ Prepaid plan.

The catch? You have to purchase any 30 Day Data Plan as listed in FLOW Jamaica’s 30-Day Prepaid Mobile Internet gives you 99 cents Plan.  But it get’s better!

Huawei Y360 Sale – 99c Plan and MVP Plan make this a good buy

Aside from the super-low price, you get to make call to local numbers as well as to USA, Canada and UK Landlines on the 99c plan at JA$0.99 per minute on per second billing. So using Wi-Fi will make you 30 Day Data plan last longer as I’d explained in FLOW Jamaica MiFi helps you use Prepaid Mobile Internet Plan wisely.

Geezam - JA$2500 Huawei Y360 on Friday is a Barrel of 99c and MVP Calling - 28-07-2016 LHDEER

Fret not; if you’re megabytes are finished before the 30 day are up, you can still make call at a rate of JA$1.99 per minute on per second billing as detailed in How to Talk EZ Peeps can Activate the FLOW MVP Plan.

So a world of benefits await you when you on Friday July 29th 2016 with the JA$2500 Huawei Y360. Sharing is caring so share this article with your friends, encouraging them to switch to FLOW Jamaica!

Here’s the link:

FLOW Jamaica Website

FLOW Jamaica Twitter Feed: @FLOWJamaica

FLOW Jamaica Facebook Page

FLOW Jamaica YouTube Channel

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