Geezam APPetite – Meet Iris, Android’s Answer to Siri on the iPhone 4S

So a few weeks ago the iPhone 4S was unvealed to the world. Many rejoiced at the relese of a new iPhone while others cursed the heavens because they wanted an iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S when you really think about it is the same old iPhone 4 with a Software upgrade and “Siri” a personal assistant application for iOS that Apple bought a few months back and rebranded, improved and refined the natural language processor into the diva that iphone 4S owners and wanna-be owners are fawning over.

The iOS vs Android war wages on and not to be outdone by a fruit the android developers over at Dexetra went about coding a Siri-like application for Android. 8 hours later Iris was born (Siri spelt backwards) and in typical Android fashion she is a little rough around the edges at the moment but has been making steady improvement since being released in late October.

In a desperate attempt to get my geek fix for the day I downloaded Iris yesterday (which is still in alpha by the way) to see how she is progressing and recorded the video below as I asked her 10 random questions to hear her answers. I’ll allow you to be the final judge of her, but in my eyes she needs to spend a lot more time in the alpha incubator or pray a third party (Google?) fattens her up with a wad of cash while fighting off Apple’s legal ninja troupe code named “lawsuit”.

10 Questions I asked Iris in the Video above

  1. What is your name
  2. How far is the earth from the Sun
  3. are you Skynet?
  4. How man Days to Christmas
  5. What is the population of Jamaica
  6. Why did the chicken cross the road
  7. what are the primary colours
  8. How old is Queen Elizabeth the second
  9. Convert 6 feet to centimeters
  10. Do you have an iPhone
Try Iris for yourself by downloading her on the Android Market – here and let me know what you think via a comment below.
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