Prediction: The iPod Nano Watch – Time has a New Standard

The refresh of Apple products back in September 2010 when it rolled out the US$999 Apple Macbook Air as well as updates to the Apple iPod Touch, Apple iPod Shuffle, and the Apple iTV. However, one of the more curious refreshes ever was that achieved by the Apple iPod Nano, which after the September Press Event, made many wonder if it was in fact a NEW product. After all, it is called the “Nano” because it is small, but the degree by which it shrank was incredible – and annoying.

Annoying you say? Indeed so, as its new dimensions have made using the touch screen interface a chore for those of us with large clubbed hands and chubby fingers. Then again, after all, that’s why it is called the Nano. It’s the affordable, ultra-small and cheaper version of the Apple iPod. Can’t afford an Apple iPod? Buy a Nano! Can’t afford that? Buy an Apple iPod Shuffle? Thankfully, that [Apple iPod Shuffle] did not get any smaller and in fact, got back its wheel. Neato!

Also, the Apple iPod Nano will not explode and catch on fire (crikey!), like the first-generation models retailed in Japan circa September 2005 and December 2006. A pretty serious problem, as even the Ministry of Economy got in on the action after Japanese Apple Fanboys suffered burns and minor injuries from these first-generation Apple iPod Nano. Talk about getting burned by the Apple of your eye! So why my rant post CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011 after Apple Refresh in September 2010 is yesteryear’s news?

Well, aside from the fact that Apple was not present at the Big Calendar event in Las Vegas this 2011, there was also the fact that some of the new redesigns are a tad bit contentious and are leaving room for rife speculation about what the next upcoming refresh might hold in store for salivating Apple Fanboys later in January 2011. There is the possible redesign for the Apple iPhone 4 antenna, which is unlikely, as this was clearly a case of the media blowing a minor issue out of proportion just to make Apple CEO Steve Jobs sweat a little. Been there, done that…….

What makes such a redesign even more unlikely is that the new antenna design actually IMPROVED signal reception by reducing BER (Bit Error Rates) and consequently increased speeds on AT&T’s 3G Data Networks. This was mainly because it’s segmented underneath, thus having several separate antennas for Voice and 3G Data arranged linearly, as opposed to other smart phones that had two (2) separate antennas that physically overlapped inside of the smartphone.

Worse, the recently announced Apple iPhone for Verizons’s CDMA Network, slated for a (hopefully!) Saturday February 5th 2010 pre-order date with a Thursday February 10th 2010 sale date, has no antenna redesign. And most likely, neither will the Apple iPhone 5. With announced profits of US$20 billion for the Fourth Quarter of 2010, compared to Google’s US$21.6 billion for all of 2010, and projected Apple revenues of US$23 billion for the First Quarter of 2011, it is doubtful that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will likely wish to rock the Apple Cart!

But the redesign of the Apple iPod Nano may be possible (fingers crossed!) as it has a rather glaring problem exacerbated by its recent new found usages as a watch: no Bluetooth. Watch, you say? Apple’s Ads show the device being primarily sported as a lapel-pin player, not much different from its sibling the Apple iPod Shuffle. Jogging trainers, sneakers and all!

Alas, this is because there is now a proliferation of mod cases that basically turn the little chip off the ole’ Apple iPod Nano into a watch. Some are even calling it the iWatch – purely unintended, to be sure. Low-power Bluetooth ear buds would eliminate the need to have the unnecessary iconic white wire headphones we all know and love and make this budget Apple iPod transform into what the Fanboys now have as their latest craze. Introducing………the Apple iWatch, folks!

Thus I would not be surprised if at Apple’s product refresh later in January 2011, Apple CEO Steve Jobs includes this design change for the Apple iPod Nano. Definitely something to watch for, pun very much so intended!

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Lindsworth is a Radio Frequency and Generator Maintenance Technician who has a knack for writing about his work, which is in the Telecoms Engineering Field. An inspired writer on themes as diverse as Autonomous Ants simulations, Power from Lightning and the current Tablet Wars.