LIME bringing iPhone 4 to Jamaica and the Caribbean

The Jamaica Observer has announced that telecommunication company LIME will be brining the iPhone 4 to Jamaica and the Caribbean “in the coming weeks”. The short article goes on to do a quick overview of the iPhone 4’s features but doesn’t elaborate on sources or quotes any high ranking LIME official.

The iPhone is it it’s forth generation of Apple’s smartphone and successor to the iPhone 3GS. iPhones have enjoyed tremendous success in North America and other mostly first world or highly developed markets such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Africa, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan.

Local cellphone service provider and rival Claro which was recently acquired by the major player in the telecommunications market Digicel currently supports the iPhone 4 on their 3G network but has been criticized in some quarters because of it’s focus on cheaper prepaid low end handsets that touting the capabilities of the iPhone.

I made a few calls to LIME customer care department to inquire about the iPhone 4 announcement, I was then forwarded to the mobile services section who were clueless to the iPhone 4 news. I’ll be allowing the news to trickle down and will be following up on this story so stay tuned to for more updates related to the iPhone 4 in Jamaica and the other Caribbean markets LIME operates.

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  • Techjunkie

    You can refer to CWC’s 2011 annual report for the iPhone 4 reference.
    It is most certainly coming to the Caribbean

  • you know whats a darn shame. the general public always know more about everything than the customer care reps at the telecom providers out here…. shame..

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