iOS 6: Sign of Apple Stumbling?

I am surrounded by Apple products daily; an iMac, an iPad 2 and an iPhone. I use the iPad 2 the most and have grown to appreciate it’s benefits when compared to a traditional laptop or desktop computer. One of the things that gets to me though is the inability for the system to properly multitask(when youtube is sent to the background for example it stops playing) and play flash files, two things that a tablet computer should be able to do in this day and age. There was renewed hope for these improvements when the iOS 6 was announced, I was hoping that I will be able to get what I truly want out of an iPad.


The ‘improvements’ that came with the iOS6 update is sadly disappointing, as a matter of fact they seem less like improvements and more like simple add-on patches. Take for example the improvements made to Siri which is really negligible, add to that photo streaming which again isnt such a big deal, and Facetime Over Cellular which was being done on mobile phones seven years ago but a feature that Apple now calls ‘new’. These tiny improvements show that Apple may be running out of ideas; they started out with a basic phone in 2007 and added basic features over the period of five years, they are now running out of features to add.

Apple’s sales continues to rise however and that is good for the short term, however competing over the longtime may not be so well if they continue to fail to make the necessary improvements to their products. I am not talking about the bugs in the OS updates here, every manufacturer have bugs, what I am talking about is general innovation on the part of Apple. With the loss of Steve Jobs the company lost an icon, I am hoping that his lost is not affecting the ability of the company to innovation and lead.

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Horace is a military and tech enthusiast who spends most of his spare time listening to music or working on his many interests. He has a grasp of journalism and has been writing from he was 9 years old and has participated in several writing competitions throughout Jamaica.