Invite your friends to Google+ with a share-able link

Google recently introduced a new way to get your friends unto Google+. Instead of only being able to share invites by email users can now share a link to invitees who need only to click the link to sign up for Google+. The link invitation method is perfect for things instant messaging conversations and tweets. The new feature allows up to 150 persons to be invited via the share-able link. A counter to the right of the link shows how many “sign ups” the link has remaining.

Google+ is gaining momentum in the social networking space and various reports show that millions of users are signing up and at least trying Google’s new social network. Whether the growth continues we will only have to wait and see but features like sparks, instant upload, circles and its mobile apps have proven popular with users. Video from Google engineer Balaji Srinivasan embedded below.

Post Author: Kelroy

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