Internet of Things Trend in smartphone-obsessed World at CES 2015

A really big trend right now that’s popped up at CES (Computer Electronics Show) 2015 is the push towards IoT (Internet of Things).

We saw that in a slew of Samsung products on dislay at CES 2015, many of which won one of the eighty (80) Innovation Award as reported in Samsung’s win Record CES 2015 Innovation Awards.

Even their latest JS8500 and JS9500 Series of Smart UHDTV’s that use proprietary Quantum Dot Technology as noted in Samsung’s SUHD Smart TV Running Tizen OS as UHD Alliance Grows and Internet of Things Beckons that sports theSamsung’s One Connect Box with Tizen OS is updatable via the Internet and is basically an implementation of IoT!  Netflix Streaming barely get disrupted as the updates are minute in size!

CES 2015 had a lot of gadgets on show by their proud Start-ups, Kickstarters and companies, both large and small.

But the recurring decimal with all of these products, be they start-up or Silicon Valley giant, from the quirky to the serious products that’ll be launched later this year, including smartphones and Tablets that might pop up at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2015 later in February 2015, is this trend towards IoT (Internet of Things).

What is the IoT? It’s the Internet personified, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Almost Human Style

In a quick sentence, that’s just connecting your gadgets to the Internet, be it Wi-Fi in your House or via Cellular 3G/4G/EDGE to communicate with a Server or each other and make more intelligent choices for their human masters.


So no, they’re not necessarily being interconnected to start Skynet and spot the overthrow of the world as I’ve opined in a past article The Internet of Things – Our AI’s State of Connectedness.

Still it’s little comfort that 61% of the Internet Traffic is non human, basically semi-autonomous programs called bots as per the analysis of Web Analyst Incapsula as laid bare in my opinion piece 61% of all Traffic on the Internet is generated by Bots.

Albeit these AI, basically software robots, are under our control from our smartphones, which already outnumber humans as per my article US Census Bureau and GSMA says more Mobile Phones than Humans on Earth, what’s still not comforting is their high level of inter-connectedness via the Internet.

It makes it all too easy for them, once self-aware to a human level and connected to various Databases, to organize themselves to attack humans. They can then use our super-fast, present everywhere Internet and our appliances in our future smarthouses connected via the IoT and kill humans, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Almost Human Style!

Scientists Sign Open Letter to protect Humans but strangely leave out Animals

Scientists are well aware of this. For this reason, they recently signed an Open Letter on Sunday January 11th 2015 at the Future of Life Institute, pledging that they’d not allow AI (Artificial Intelligence) to develope to the point that it harm humans and that AI will only be used for the benefit of mankind.

The Future of Life Institute is really a hippie-organization made up such luminaries such as Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn and MIT professor Max Tegmark along with a motley-crue of mathematicians, theorists, Computer science experts from around the world.

The primary motto of this illustrious League of Gentlemen is preventing human-level AI from getting out of hand and destroying us all, as Stephen Hawkins and Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has pointed out. Interestingly, two of the signatories are these very same gentlemen and one of them, Professor Stephen Hawkins, even uses AI to communicate!

Can you say Professor Charles Xavier and Ironman signing a letter to prevent AI and a future Registration Act, X-Men Style!

Drones coming in 2015, personal Robots by 2016 as AI become more commonplace

But if this undercurrent of IoT, which is closely related to AI at CES 2015 is anything to go by, I predict that by 2016, having a personal Drone wil be the in-thing to be in the “in” crowd. This Drone, basically a semi-autonomous Flying AI, will be your personal assistant.

You can send it out to fetch things for you, play with your cat, watch the kids at play, etc. may be the next BIG smartphone-esque driven trend in the USA and the rest of the Developed and First World countries aside from smartwatches as opined in LG’s G Watch R Smarttwatch by the End of October in Time for Christmas 2014.

Here in Jamaica and the rest of the Developing World, we’ll just be getting into Dual SIM or Triple SIM Smartphones when MNP (Mobile Number Portability) and LNP (Landline Number Portability) comes around by Sunday May 31st 2015 as opined in my latest article “Digicel going Triple-SIM with Acer Liquid E700 smartphone”.

Eventually by 2018, some two (2) years later, this trend of personal AI fueled by increasing prevalence of 4G Internet and thus IoT being baked into new appliances will begin to just start reaching the Developing World.

AI and Humanity post 2018 – Dangerous Work done by Mechatronics 

So  why not let robots trim the lawn like the Miimo after you’ve watered it with the Droplet Watering System via commands sent from your smartphone as per my ditty Droplet Robotic Watering System is a Green Thumb’s Companion?

They’ll disrupt the economy and Capitalism, that’s why. What would you do for work if all your cares and wants were taken care of by a robot? And when they take away your jobs, what will you do for money?

They might not take over, but they’ll make life a lot easier and thus make you too lazy to fight back. Especially as you might be able to make a living as a Drone Pilot.

I certainly know that people in parts of Africa and Australia already use Robots, called Mecatronics to Farm, Mine and exploit their environment as the younger generation become more comfortable and find work in the hot, dangerous., dangerous animal infested, unforgiving Desert too hard to manage!

And Journalists will definitely be using them, as soon as CNN and GTRI (Georgia Tech Research Institute) finish testing out Drones for use in Journalism within the US of A.

Meanwhile, they’ll be terrorizing your cat and other pets when you’re not looking, probably from the skies as I’ve opined in my US$40 PowerUp 3.0 Modiule that makes you a paper plane Top Gun, as this Open Letter doesn’t specify any protection for animals.

Note, however, this is all predicted to happen after Apple commercializes Robots. Americans get used to it and Samsung and China make copies! Currently this is not the case, but as it’s my prediction, I’m sticking to my guns!

IoT is coming in your home Appliances folks. Get your EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) and Cutlasses ready for the coming IoT Gadget War in 2016.

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Lindsworth is a Radio Frequency and Generator Maintenance Technician who has a knack for writing about his work, which is in the Telecoms Engineering Field. An inspired writer on themes as diverse as Autonomous Ants simulations, Power from Lightning and the current Tablet Wars.