Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate now Available

Microsoft has made a available a release candidate version of it’s upcoming Internet Explorer browser which will carry it up to version 9. This RC version will provide a final test drive for the new browser all allow Microsoft to find and correct last-minute bugs before its IE9 is released to the internet surfing mases.

Speed and improved privacy and security are the focus of IE9 as well as support for new web technologies like HTML 5. A few years ago Microsoft controlled over 90% of the share of web browsers used to surf the internet, it’s market share has been slowly chizzled down over the years by Safari, Opera, Firefox and most recently Chrome – a browser by rivals Google.

IE9 is free to download and is only compatible with the newer versions of Windows (Vista and Windows 7) and is not compatible with Windows XP. It’s not compatible with Windows XP. Get more information about IE9 and download the release candidate of the upcoming updated browser from Microsoft here.

Post Author: Kelroy

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