Interaxon’s Muse Mind Controller and Tailly the Wearable Tail

Do not try to bend the spoon

Only Realize the Truth; that there is no spoon

And then you’ll realize it is not the spoon that bends

But yourself….

Excerpt from the movie Matrix (1999)

In case you though I was “running ma’ mout’” when I said Mind Reading would be big in the next 5 years as per my article IBM’s advent of Mind Reading as Samsung patents Astral Projection Tech as the next Big Thing, Mind Reading peripheral makers are set to get serious in 2013!

Crowdsourcing investors are betting big on an Ontario, Canada based start-up (just next door to RIM of Blackberry fame!) that’s funded by IndiGogo named Interaxon. Interaxon’s built an aesthetically pleasing US$199 Bluetooth-connected Mind Controller called the Muse that made its debut in October 2012 at the Le Web Conference in Paris for launch in 2013! Interaxon CEO Ariel Garten pointed out that, quote, “This is the first though-controlled device that’s stylish and easy to wear”.

Tailly the Wearable Tail

And if next year’s too far away for you, here’s something you can actually stuff in your stockings this year for US$97: NeuroWear’s Wearable Waggable Tail and ears aka the “Nekomimi”. Shota Ishiwatari, the maker of the Neurowear Cat Ears that are driven by your Alpha and Beta Waves, has made an accompanying Tail attachment that’ll work nicely attached on your belt loop called….you guessed it…..Tailly.

Funded by Kickstarter, this really brings home the fact that a lot of innovation in the Technology space is really driven by lone talented untrained Technical minded people who get funding via Crowdfunding; Jamaicans can take note here of fellow blogger Roger’s article Jamaica’s Lost Innovators – An untapped Source of Economic Prosperity.

Similar principle applies here folks; Portable and aesthetically pleasing EEG (Electro-Encephalograph)device that track your heartbeat. Software “reads” and interprets your Heart Rate into electrical signals. Thus, Tailly moves according to your mood and desires:

  • Tailly wags when your Heart Rate is high; that indicates that you’re aroused or engaged or something suddenly catches you attention (sexy girl on the beach or a really handsome dude for the ladies!).
  • The Tailly wags slowly or is still when your Heart Rate is low and your mind is a blank, focused on nothing in particular.

Combined the Nekomimi and Tailly and you’re a whole different animal. They both vacillate between fully in motion or still depending on the ratio of Alpha and Beta Waves and corresponding Heart Rate.I predict this to be the next big thing on the Party Scene in Jamaica as well as the Social Media Marketing Scene as per my article Social Media Marketing – Advertising and Marketing in Ja on a Shoe-String.

Great for the next time Halloween comes around or you’re throwing a themed Valentine’s Day Party where VIP patrons get combo pair of Neurowear Cat Ears and Tailly! Price as mentioned before is US$97.00 for the White Fox Version, with other Styles and colours your Tailly, making you dig a little deeper into your Scotia VISA Debit Card as per the article ScotiaBank’s VISA Debit Card – Jamaica’s Online E-Commerce Renaissance for this futuristic Stocking stuffer.

These developments, albeit Crowdfunded, are a strong indication that Gaming’ll never be the same again. In fact, it has never been the same ever since the debut of the Nintendo Wii, the loveable Console Game that started this trend towards Natural Language Interaction with computers. Microsoft Kinect not only a savior for the Microsoft Xbox 360 but like the Nintendo Wii, heralds the coming of a World where you can control the devices around you via gestures and Voice Commands via Apple’s Siri as predicted in Siri and Kinect: Heralds of a coming world free of Remote Controls.

With the Advent of Mind Reading Peripherals, guaranteed to Exercise the Windmills in your Mind, you now have a third arm to do Computing Tasks and eventually other tasks using willpower (Green Lantern anyone?) and really Get you Head in the Game, High School Music Style.

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