Huawei passes an independent GSMA NESAS, demonstrating Integrity of their Networks

“By committing to NESAS, vendors are helping network operators, and other stakeholders make informed decisions about secure product development” 

GSMA CTO Alex Sinclair, commenting on Huawei passed an independent NESAS

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA) announced Huawei passed an independent security audit of product development and lifecycle management processes and is set to submit network kit for evaluation in a second round of tests.

The GSMA’s Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme (NESAS) is viewed as vehicle to improve transparency and trust in telecoms equipment and is open to all major vendors that support 3GPP standards.

GSMA NESAS – Assurance that Huawei has high Integrity and a Secure Network

With Huawei meeting requirements for the first stage of approval, the vendor will now submit specific pieces of equipment to approved labs for evaluation.

Each vendor will receive a report which can then be shared with customers and stakeholders to prove that this equipment adheres to industry and government security practices. The GSMA noted the scheme allows vendors to demonstrate equipment meets unified standards, avoiding inconsistencies between requirements from different countries and regions.

The organization added the project represented “a critical industry initiative that increases transparency and incentivizes vendors to develop and support network equipment in a way that protects operators and their customers and can underpin national security requirements”.

A seal of approval from the GSMA may not be enough to reverse the UK’s position just yet, but it could prevent other governments from following suit. Indeed, Huawei says the assessment proves the integrity of its technology and security practices.

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