Huawei Ascend Y330 – An Affordable and Capable Android Smartphone

The age of the smartphone arrived a few years ago but price has always been a barrier to the vast majority of mobile phone users gaining access to smartphones. In recent months the price of smartphones have increasingly trended downwards to the point now where phones, with specs now selling for less than us$100, could have easily gone for 3 times their current prices just a year ago.
Huawei Ascend Y330
The Huawei Y330 is available exclusively from LIME as they are targeting the huge market of customers seeking an affordable but capable smartphone void of some of the limitations that have plagued cheaper smartphones in the past. LIME aims to offer the complete package of a phone as well as mobile internet access that such phones are reliant on to get access to all the web-enabled features that come with such phones.

Huawei Y330 Hardware pictures

Huawei Y330 Specs

CPU: 1.3GHz Dual Core Camera: 3 megapixels
Battery: 1500mAh RAM: 512MB
Wi-Fi: Yes Internal Storage: 4GB
GPS: Yes microSD: Up to 32GB
Pixel Density: 245ppi Screen Size: 4 inches
OS: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean  Screen Resolution: 480x800px

The Huawei Y330 runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and has full access to all apps via the Google Play Store. Huawei has customized the User Interface slightly and added some additional functionality with EmotionUI 2.0. All the default Android apps are present and addition pre-installed apps such as a phone manager app helps with ensuring that all unnecessary files and memory hungry apps are managed so that they do not hog the phone’s limited resources. The 1500mAh  is enough to last more than a day before needing charging with average use. The mobile hotspot feature which allows the Y330 to share its internet connection with nearby devices is also a big plus. Though an affordable phone the Y330 does not feel flimsy or cheap and with its coloured back, bright screen and responsiveness combining to offer an excellent package.

Huawei Y330 Screenshots

When it comes to affordable smartphones the camera is usually where the phone underperforms and the Huawei Y330 is no different. There is no flash or front facing camera but camera is capable enough for taking quick snaps in well-lit environments.

Pricing and Conclusion

The Huawei Y330 is available in blue, yellow, pink, white, red and black at LIME stores in Jamaica for $6,995+GCT making it the cheapest smartphone available in the island. Paired with LIME’s mobile internet rates which are as low as $50 for 3 days the Huawei Y330 is the perfect match for the price conscious consumer, teenagers and first time smartphone users.

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