HP’s New Ultra-Thin, Multi-Touch, Tablet PC

With the current revolution taking place in the Touch Screen and Tablet PC market, especially since the release of the iPad, many manufacturers refuse to be left out of the growing trend and hope to capture their own chunk of the tech pie. HP has jumped in the race with its HP EliteBook 2740p, Ultra-thin, Multi-touch, Convertible Tablet and notebook PC set to be available in the US in April of this year for as much as $1,599. As usual, the coolest gadgets always seem to be out of my affordable price range.

EliteBook 2740p convertible tablet

With its innovation, HP hopes to provide a rich interactive experience for businesses in health care, education, sales, etc. and improve manageability, productivity and mobility for the mobile professional.

Variations of the new Multi-touch Tablet & Notebook PC include:

  • HP EliteBook 2740p – an ultra-thin, multitouch-enabled convertible tablet that provides an interactive experience for businesses in health care, education, sales and more;
  • HP EliteBook 2540p – the company’s lightest EliteBook notebook PC, starting at only 3.3 pounds, is ideal for global and large corporate enterprises, the public sector and other businesses in need of a rugged, high-performance notebook; and
  • HP ProBook standard series (s-series) notebook PCs – four new models of the high-performing series provide a new design and sophisticated colors for everyday use.

The EliteBook 2740p boasts the most features with:

  • Standard Voltage Intel Processors which combine the power and reliability of an HP business notebook PC with the flexibility of a tablet, making it ideal for users on the go
  • Light-weight and starts at 3.8 pounds
  • 12.1-inch Diagonal LED display or optional outdoor-view display with less reflection and a higher contrast for easier viewing in natural light
  • Touchscreen option allows users to get work done more intuitively and faster based on their choice of input methods. Multitouch gestures, finger taps and swipes across the screen allow users to navigate through applications and menus, as well provide access to information and websites.
  • A variety of Battery Solutions for lightweight configurations, including a six-cell li-ion prismatic battery (Prismatic battery allows device designers to make smaller, lighter, thinner devices and cost less), which provides up to 5 hours of up-time, and an optional HP 2700 Ultra-Slim Battery that provides up to 11 hours when combined with the standard battery
  • Optional HP 2740 Ultra-Slim Expansion Base allows users to dock their notebook PCs to utilize peripherals without needing to constantly plug and unplug. The expansion base includes a DVD+/-RW drive, fits neatly into a briefcase so the optical drive can easily travel, and supports DisplayPort so users can easily connect to an external monitor.
  • Specially engineered to meet the tough MIL-STD 810G military-standard tests for vibration, dust, humidity, altitude, and high and low temperatures which makes this device extra special for when I’m on my super secret global assault missions 😛

Seriously though, I would not spend the dough to purchase this beautiful innovation, however it will go on my wish list as a cool gadget to have. For now I will have to come up with my own unique ways of improving manageability, productivity and mobility.

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