How to send free Text Messages from any Jamaican Mobile Network using your Computer

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So you’ve read my article How to use WhatsApp on your Computer and you are probably nodding to yourself “that’s cool!” But then you muse: “What about sending free SMS from your computer aka WebText?”

Granted, you already can send free SMS from your mobile phone be it Digicel or LIME as explained in How to activate Digicel VIP Text and get Free Texting on Digicel or LIME phone as IM gets more popular. But I realize in hindsight I didn’t explain how to so this from your computer. So how does one send SMS from your computer?

The most popular and well known method if you have a Digicel mobile phone is by using Digicel’s Webtext Service, which allots each Digicel customer 30 free SMS over a thirty (30) day period. Digicel limits their Webtext to five (5) per day with the added bonus of being able to send Webtext to territories within which Digicel operates that Being the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands.


But for absolutely free WebTexts a clever solution exists similar to WhatsApp aptly titled AFreeSMS. A nifty advert paid easy-to-use website, its basic interface give you the ability to send Free SMS via the Internet. Most likely their business model is based on monetizing via ads as their website’s most likely getting a lot of Traffic.

With SMS dying and IM (Instant Messaging) the rise, I’m willing to bet that this Website, also accessible on your Smartphone’s browser, may soon be available as an App, thus thoroughly shaking up the Telecoms Apple Cart. Allowing SMS junkies with a Smartphone to have the last laugh, as they can send free text and pay for it basically via clicking on or receiving the occasional advert!

This presents a very interesting scenario for Voice Calling!

LIME and Digicel are now offering JA$2.99 Cross Network Termination Rates as per Kelroy’s article LIME Jamaica Announces All Network $2.99 Prepaid One Rate. This thanks to the OUR (Office of Utilities Regulation) mandated a Cross Network Rate or MTR (Mobile Termination Rate) of JA$1.10 per minute on offer since Saturday June 1st 2013.

Based on the trends taking place in the Jamaica Mobile market, it may soon be the case that persons can subsidize their Mobile Calling by subscribing to Advertisements being sent via their Ringback tunes, SMS and Voice Mail in exchange for absolutely Free Calling as hinted in my article How to set up and manage your Digicel InTunes Account.

Nice comeback for SMS! For a moment there I thought WhatsApp had thoroughly won. Now SMS is made modern again thanks to free SMS Services provided by the Telecom Providers, Digicel Webtext Service and AFreeSMS that complete the loop allowing you to both send and Receive Text via your Computer and phone absolutely free of cost. With the caveat of enduring a few adverts, as it’s not absolutely free.

Here’s the link

Digicel Webtext Service


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