How To Save 20-50% On Your Electricity Bill Using PowerPree

Save up to 20-50% on your electricity bill using powerpree.

Yo! Why Pree!? A PowerPree eh-nuh..

Ever asked yourself:

  • Why am I paying so much for your electricity bill?
  • I am conserving on power usage but why are my monthly bills not reflecting such?

You are not alone my friends! Jamaicans are all too familiar with the high cost of electricity over the years – which has gotten higher as the recent rate increase was approved. We are known for having one of the highest electricity rates. That is one factor we (you and I) have no control over, but there is something we can control – excessive usage. Do you have any idea how much of your precious dollars are being wasted because you forgot to unplug the TV or the iron? As for a company, forgetting to power off a few computers on a daily basis can eat away your profits.

Energy conservation is key and there is a new product targeting business and regular homeowners in achieving such. Introducing PowerPree, the product which allows you to control your usage even if you are offsite. Conservation could be the difference between a practical budget or a profitable business, here is why.

Conserve Conserve Conserve!

The reality is that conservation is the cheapest form of return for your money.  The government has put such great emphasis on this and they are seeing the returns thus far. In 2017, the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Programme (EECP) saved us $131.5million as well as a $3.7million annual savings at JCDC.

The public utility (JPS) has been placing great emphasis on conservation and consumer education over the years. Remember their energy saving campaign called Power Smart Energy Challenge? That was an educational campaign for you, now here is a product allowing you to take that next step and conserve up to 50% on your next electricity bill.

Product and Features

The PowePree switch.

Let us take a look at the product and its various features.

  • They are two variations of the product. An outlet – ideal for the home similar to a surge. The other is an installed switch – ideal for business and sit on your business power grid as a hub.
  • Easy to install and setup.
  • Accessible from your smartphone. So if you forgot to unplug a device you can do so from your smartphone.
  • Does cost projections. So you have a set amount of funds you want to use for utility, this device can help you plan your usage down to the cents.
  • Monitors cost and usage history. Having historical data of your power usage may lead to better monitoring (“prees”) going forward.
  • It enhances your current setup. No need to rewiring or remodeling of your house is necessary. Just add it to the electrical item you wish to monitor and continue with your life.
  • Supportive of both 110 and 220 voltage setup.

Speaking of being conservative, the device draws a maximum of 2watts at any given time. That boils down to a little under JMD$1.10 running constantly for 24hrs. Here is a quick video showing how the device works.

PowerPree Creator

Meet Yekini Wallen-Bryan, a young man who is passionate about robotics, electronics and anything hardware related. He has been the leader of the Robotics team at the University of The West Indies, Mona for the past four years. For which he has participated and won the Green Tech accelerator boot camp. This product came as a result of his own desire of having the ability to turn off his appliances remotely. Having solved his pain point, the demand for such a product grew which eventually leads to the creation of the company PreeLabs and the product PowerPree.

Talk about a young Jamaican following his passion while contributing to the development of our country.

Yo Pree Dis…

Personally, this is a product I want. Far too often I forgot to unplug the fan or my laptop, only to come home and see them running. This device could save me a few dollars simply by using my smartphone to turn them off while I’m out. The same might apply to you (the CEO or one paying the JPS monthly bill).

For households, conservation is key but how often do you conserve? Jamaicans are always on the go, from doing drop-offs to pickups while hiding from the daily traffic. Running a company has its own challenges. Employees might fail to turn off that monitor on their way out and a bunch of other stuff. Having the ability to monitor and to prevent unnecessary usage could reflect on your bottom line.

Adding this device on your building can help you save 20-50% on your electricity bill, so get your PowerPree at


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