How to locate a FLOW Store as Texting is back in Style

One thing about having 1 million customers is that sometimes, they can get lost. Especially after their Network crashes as noted in FLOW Jamaica Network Outage due to 1 Million Satisfied Customers.

Finding a FLOW Store may require that you find your location on Google Maps and then see if you know a Store nearby. But if you have no access to Free Wi-Fi or a Data Plan, then locating a store using Google isn’t gonna work.

How to locate a FLOW Store as Texting is back in Style

Fortunately, you can simply text the name of you parish to 4636. The service will send you a Text message with the name and the address of the FLOW Store closest to you.


This FLOW Tip is excellent; now if only FLOW could integrate into the My FLOW App and make the My FLOW App work without the need for Mobile Internet, then I wouldn’t have to memorize another USSD code for such an essential service.

Still, at least this means that texting is back in style and I don’t have to call 114 and be charged money I don’t have or resort to borrowing using FLOW Lend as I’d advised in FLOW Jamaica launches FLOW Lend so you can borrow Voucher Credit.

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Here’s the link:

FLOW Jamaica Website

FLOW Jamaica Twitter Feed: @FLOWJamaica

FLOW Jamaica Facebook Page

FLOW Jamaica YouTube Channel

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