How to download Photo Albums and Videos from your Personal and your Friend’s Profile on Facebook

Attention! So you like that Picture I just posted eh ? The video giving you green eye nuh? Too bad you can’t copy the URL for the photo album or Video that bedazzled your eyes, as that link’s only valid to yourself or your friends or persons who are logged into Facebook. YOU however can send your friends a link to view Facebook page by sharing YOUR photos of Video using the Sharing option.


But what if you want to download your friends Photo Album or videos? That’s a tough one for which I have 2 elegant software solutions.

Downloading Photo Albums: En Mass Migrante

There’s a plethora of Web Apps and programs for PC’s and Laptops I’ve experimented with, but the best three by far are the following Programs:

  1. PhotoGrabber

  2. PicknZip

  3. Fluschipranie, a Firefox Extension

  4. PhotoLive, a Google Chrome Extension

  5. Photo download for Facebook, a Google Chrome Extension

All of them are very straightforward to use, differing only in their scope of operation. PicknZip downloads your photo albums and saves ‘em as a zipped Archive. Fluschipranie, a Firefox Extension is limited to your personal albums.

PhotoLive and Photo download for Facebook, a Google Chrome Extension, does both your personal webpage and your friends albums but saves them as an HTML Page. Finally PhotoGrabber is the kitchen sink of the lot and has the ability to download both your photo albums and those of your friends.

No instructions need here; these are very straightforward self-help Sunday DIY (do it yourself) project even Right brained Creative minded people can manage, especially as they’re more into the visual arts than anyone else.

Downloading Photo Albums: The Gears of Piracy in the Caribbean

Downloading videos is equally straightforward and like photos, Web Apps and programs for PC’s and Laptops exist that get the job done. However, I’m a VERY heavy downloader of Videos. This as I’m involved in Video Uploading to my Vimeo Account, Dropbox Account and now 15Gb of free Google Drive Cloud Storage Account as described in Google Drive, the Dropbox clone, now ups the ante to 15GB of Free Storage during Google I/O which I use for video hosting.

I also have plans to get a hold of Yahoo’s handsome offer of 1TB free Cloud Storage as reported in Yahoo Revamps Flickr and ups free storage space to 1 Terabyte and set up my soon-to-be-online 1 TB Flickr Account. I’ve therefore selected the industrial strength ones:

  1. BienneSoft YouTube Downloader

  2. Internet Download Manager

That’s it folk. These Web Apps and Programs will literally turn Facebook into an unlimited source of Free Photo albums and Videos from your friends that you can download and utilize however you please. Just play polite and ask permission first. Ok dear reader…as you were.

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